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​​VCE Assessors – Information and training

Information for schools about assessor training meetings

If an offer of appointment is made by the VCAA, school-based staff who will be undertaking VCAA activities during school hours are required to ensure that their release has been approved and confirmed with their school. The VCAA may need to contact schools for administrative or audit purposes.

The VCAA provides principals in schools with information about the appointment of staff from their schools, the dates of assessor training meetings and the availability of Casual Relief Teacher (CRT) payments to secure the release of staff. In requesting the school to agree to the release, the professional development benefits are acknowledged, as is the commitment required to do the work in very tight timelines.

Enquiries regarding assessor training meeting payments can be directed to Assessment Services on (03) 9225 2305 or assessment.administration.vcaa@edumail.vic.gov.au.