Notice to Schools 3/2017 − 8 February 2017

Professional development: Analysing your school’s VCE data

Principals/Directors and School Staff responsible for the delivery of VCE

Main Points

The VCAA invites you to attend, from late February to the end of March 2017, a valuable professional development session on analysing your school's VCE results. These sessions are for school staff responsible for the delivery of the VCE. They will increase your knowledge and skills in using the VCE assessment results to:

  • identify strengths and weaknesses in your school's VCE performance against particular curricula
  • inform professional learning discussions with fellow teachers around improving student outcomes.

The sessions cover the various levels of valuable information made available to your school via the VCE Data Service and VCE External Assessment Results Service. This ranges from information for the classroom teacher to that used by the school leadership team.

These are hands-on sessions where you will be analysing your own school's VCE results.

If possible, arrange for a colleague to register and attend the session with you. Participants find it beneficial to discuss findings from their analysis with a colleague during the session.

Please note that places for each session are limited due to the number of PCs available in the training venue. The sessions will be held across Victoria. Download the session details from the VCAA's professional learning webpage before you register online. (If you cannot see the sessions in Trumba when trying to register, click the option in the left-hand column to view as a table.)

Action Required

Principals/Directors should:

  • inform relevant school staff of the availability of the professional development sessions on analysing your school's VCE results.

Critical Dates

Monday 20 February to Thursday 30 March − Sessions are held

Additional Information