Notice to Schools 13/2017 − 15 February 2017

Student email address for 2017 results delivery

Principals/Directors, VASS Administrators, VCE Coordinators and VCAL Coordinators

Main Points

The VCAA conducted a successful pilot in 2016 of digital delivery of student results using student email addresses.

From 2017, the VCAA will collect an email address for students to be primarily used for results delivery and associated processes. 

It is therefore important that the address is active and accessible by the student during the release of results in December through to the following April for communications regarding the Premiers Awards.

Student email addresses must be an email address nominated by the student and simply not populated by the school with school-issued email addresses.

The VCAA preference is for a personal email address for each student, but we do understand that some schools may prefer the school-based email address to be used. If this is the case, schools would need to ensure that the school email address remains active up to the end of April in the year following graduation. The field is not compulsory and students can make their own decision about whether or not they provide an email address.

Student email addresses should be entered with other student personal details for 2017; these details should be initially updated and signed off with students and amended on VASS as required by the end of Term 1. Further changes must be amended on VASS as required throughout the year.

Action Required

Principals/Directors should:

  • ensure the appropriate staff are aware of the student email address option
  • VCE coordinators are requested to inform students of the email address option and facilitate submission.

Critical Dates

Friday 31 March − VCE and VCAL Student Personal Details forms due

Additional Information

For enrolment queries, contact Student Records and Results:

For VASS queries, contact VASS Operations: