Notice to Schools 48/2017 − 3 May 2017

Top Designs 2018 Theatre Studies Design

Principals/Directors, Teachers of VCE Theatre Studies, VCE Coordinators

Main Points

To ensure the opportunity to display a variety of exemplary VCE work in Top Designs continues, VCE Theatre Studies – Design will be included in the Top Designs exhibition at the Melbourne Museum, in 2018.

VCE Theatre Studies - Design students will be required to submit applications to Top Designs from September to November 2017.

Students must submit photographs and/or recordings of their final works, a print version of their oral framing statement, as well as copies or photographs of their research and development materials from the Outcome 1 and/or the Outcome 2 Scene interpretation.

Students accepted for the Top Designs exhibition will not be eligible for Top Class, as their work will be required at the VCAA and the Melbourne Museum for exhibition preparation and display.

Students who are shortlisted or choose not to apply, and who achieve an A+ for their performance exam, will be contacted in December 2017 to audition for Top Class Theatre Studies in January 2018.

The Melbourne Museum has presented forums on the subject of Theatre Studies Design and this program will be expanded in 2018.

Action Required

Principals/Directors should:

  • advise Theatre Studies teachers the subject of Theatre Studies – Design will be represented in Top Designs at Melbourne Museum from 2018.

Critical Dates

Friday 1 September 2017 – Top Designs 2018 applications open for all studies

Thursday 9 November 2017 – Top Designs 2018 Theatre Studies – Design applications due

Saturday 17 March to Sunday 15 July 2018 – Top Designs 2018 exhibition at the Melbourne Museum

Additional Information

If you have further queries, contact the VCAA: (03) 9032 1630 or