Notice to Schools 57/2017 − 31 May 2017

Delivery procedures for GAT examination centre messages

Principals/Directors and VCE Coordinators

Main Points

The VCAA will send an examination centre message after the commencement of the General Achievement Test (GAT) on Wednesday 14 June 2017. This message should be given to the Chief Supervisor.

Usually the message will be: ‘Proceed Normally’. If an error or other problem has been identified, instructions will be provided for supervisors, which may include an announcement that has to be made to students. In these circumstances, the subject of the message will be: ‘Special Message Re: ’.

The VCAA will forward examination centre messages via email to the school’s official mailbox, by a fax delivery service and through VASS.

Schools should ensure that an appropriate person is available to log on and collect the email messages and that the mailbox is not full. Logging on should occur at the times listed under critical dates.

Delivery by fax will occur without action by school staff as long as the correct fax number has been provided and the school’s fax machine is not engaged or offline. If the fax machine is busy, one additional attempt will be made to deliver the message.

Messages should arrive in schools within a 15-minute time frame. However, on occasion, some faxes have arrived later than the specified time. School staff should continue to observe the fax beyond these times if the message has not arrived.

If the message delivery methods fail, the VCAA can be contacted on (03) 9032 1789 to confirm the current message.

Any special messages should be filed in the VCE Examination Document Register at the end of the examination.

Action Required

Principals/Directors should:

  • ensure that the appropriate person is available to collect the email message and the fax message
  • ensure that the examination centre message is delivered promptly to the Chief Supervisor.

Critical Dates

Wednesday 7 June 2016 - A test fax delivery, email and VASS message will be run at 11.00am. No follow-up action will be required of schools.

Wednesday 14 June - The message for the GAT will be sent between 10.30am and 10.45am.

Additional Information

For queries, email VCE Examinations: