Notice to Schools 68/2017 − 29 June 2017

2018 VCE examination periods

Principals/Directors, VCE Coordinators, VASS Administrators and VCE teachers

Main Points

The VCAA Board has approved the dates for the 2018 General Achievement Test (GAT) and VCE examination periods. In determining these dates, the VCAA considers the following:

  • timing of religious holidays
  • ensuring there is a balance of available teaching days before and between the GAT and the commencement of the main period of VCE written examinations
  • ensuring sufficient time is provided to complete performance and Languages oral examinations and the Extended Investigation oral presentations prior to the main period of VCE written examinations
  • the impact of examination period dates on other key processes within the school year, including enrolment requirements and the release of final results.

The 2018 VCE examination periods are available on the VCAA website.

Action Required

Principals/Directors should:

  • ensure relevant school personnel and students are made aware of the dates of the 2018 VCE examination periods.

Critical Dates


Additional Information