​Notice to Schools 93/2017 − 30 August 2017

2017 VCAA Special Provision Review (Mental Health) − stakeholder consultation

Principals/Directors, VCE and VCAL Coordinators

Main Points

During 2017, the VCAA has focused on reviewing the categories of Specific Learning Disorders and Significant Health Impairment (with specific consideration to Mental Health conditions).

Advisory Groups for each category considered issues and information collected via consultation with stakeholders.

Meetings for the Mental Health Advisory Group have concluded with a number of recommendations being endorsed by the VCAA Board for wider consultation.

The VCAA encourages and welcomes stakeholder feedback and comment on the recommendations.

Feedback can be provided via an online survey.

The online survey will be available on the Special Provision Review page on the VCAA website from Friday 1 September to Friday 15 September.

Recommendations from the Specific Learning Disorders Advisory Group are yet to be considered by the VCAA Board.

The timeline for the consultation period for Specific Learning Disorders will be communicated via Notice to Schools in the week commencing Monday 11 September.

Action Required

Principals/Directors should:

  • VCE and VCAL Coordinators, relevant school personnel, parents and students are made aware recommendations from the 2017 VCAA Special Provision Review Mental Health Advisory Group are available for wider consultation
  • Stakeholders are made aware they can provide feedback via an online survey.

Critical Dates

Friday 1 September − Friday 15 September 2017

Additional Information

Direct queries to vcaa.assessment.operations@edumail.vic.gov.au