Early Years Exchange

No. 11 April 2013

Guest appearance

Interview with Professor Dr Ferre Laevers on Wellbeing and Involvement

Dr Ferre Laevers

Professor Dr Ferre Laevers

Wellbeing and involvement are both important qualities in learning experiences for children. They are also two key aspects in the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework (VEYLDF).
Here Belgian early childhood expert Professor Dr Laevers talks about his research on:

  • What children’s wellbeing and involvement is.
  • What to look for in seeing and understanding children’s levels of wellbeing and involvement.
  • How to create powerful learning environments to support and improve children’s wellbeing and involvement.

This video clip can be used with other tools and resources to help practitioners build understandings and strengthen planning for children’s wellbeing and involvement.

‘Wellbeing means that you are at ease in a setting, you feel okay, you can totally be yourself, you don’t feel threatened, you radiate.’

(Professor Dr Ferre Laevers)

For further detail on Professor Leavers’ research go to:  www.kindengezin.be

Video transcript (doc - 52.5kb) 

Part 1 - Professor Dr Ferre Laevers

Part 2 - Professor Dr Ferre Laevers