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VCAA Early Years Twilight Seminar Series 2016–2017

Seminar 1: What, why and how? Pedagogy with very young children

The VCAA hosted the first of the Early Years Twilight Seminar Series (Wednesday 19 October 2016) at the Bastow Institute of Educational Leadership and 11 regional locations via video conferencing.​

The focus of the seminar was the new video resource What, why and how? Pedagogy with very young childrenWatch the video of the seminar.

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Twilight Seminar Series 2014–2015

In 2014–2015 the VCAA hosted four Twilight Seminars. The following presentations, readings and references are from each seminar. 

Developing thinking skills through engagement in the Arts

In this seminar (24 June 2015) Professor Susan Wright and Dr Jan Deans presented their research on how the Arts support children’s higher order thinking and relationship building. 

Responses to participant questions have been provided by Professor Wright and Dr Deans. These include references and web links to other resources. ​

Relational agency

A tool to support the establishment, maintenance and growth in early years professional learning at the level of a multidisciplinary network.

In this seminar (11 March 2015) Professor Marilyn Fleer and Dr Iris Duhn (Monash University) highlighted the findings from the Review and Evaluation of the Inquiry to Implementation Project - Final Report  and in particular the Relational Agency Framework. This Framework enables early childhood professionals to build a common knowledge and understanding of multidisciplinary expertise.

Learning: Birth to three years

In this seminar (12 November 2014) Anne Stonehouse AM and Dr David Howes, Executive Director VCAA Curriculum Division discuss learning in the birth to three years period.

Understanding and supporting emergent writing

In this seminar (17 September 2014) Dr Noella Mackenzie, Senior Lecturer at Charles Sturt University and Carol Rasborsek presented on the link between drawing and emerging writing in the early years.

Department of Education and Training Professional Learning

Four modules of professional learning are available to help early childhood professionals to use the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework in their daily practice.
The modules are available on FUSE as resource packages. Each module contains short videos with examples, exercises suitable for individual or team use and supporting materials.

To access the professional learning modules and other resources go to the DET website: www.education.vic.gov.au/childhood/professionals/learning/Pages/proflearn.aspx