2016 VCE High Achievers

Congratulations to students who have attained a score of 40 or more in one of their 2016 VCE studies. Achieving a study score of 40+ places you in the top nine per cent of students - a fantastic achievement!

It takes great perseverance and application to gain such results and you can be extremely proud of what you have achieved.

The parents, teachers and friends who have supported your studies also deserve congratulations on a job well done.

In 2016, 84,603 students sat a VCE examination, the last graded assessment in their VCE study. I congratulate all VCE students on their commitment to achieving this milestone.

You are now on the threshold of an exciting new phase in your life. Whether you decide to go on to higher education, vocational education, full-time work or explore other pathways, I wish you all the best for the future.

John Firth, CEO, Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority


Please note that not all students who receive a study score of 40+ give permission for their results to be published. As a result the range of Study Scores reflected in the publication may be reduced.

Study Data (pdf - 5.47mb)

Student Data (pdf - 7.42mb)