Top Acts 

Frequently asked questions

How is Top Acts different to Top Class?

Top Class concerts focus on a performing arts study, or multiple studies as with the three music concerts. They are compered by the Chief Assessors for each study who may highlight assessment criteria demonstrated in each performance.

Top Acts follows in May each year and includes a representative sample of every performing arts subject in one evening concert. Up to 20 performances are selected from across the Top Class concert series.

How are the performers in Top Acts selected?

Top Acts is curated by an artistic director who carefully selects works from across the 11 Top Class concerts. Selection is based on a number of criteria, including curatorial concerns, balance and diversity, and an outstanding Top Class performance standard.

For VCE Drama, Theatre Studies, Dance and VCE VET Dance, students are invited to audition for Top Class based on their performance examination. Invitations to audition are sent out by post in mid-December each year.

VCE Music Performance, Music Investigation, Music Style and Composition and VCE VET Music performers are selected by panels who listen to the examination performance recording of students that received a high A+ in their performance examination. For music subjects, invitations to perform in Top Class are sent out by post in mid-December the year prior to selected students.

Top Class performers who have been selected for Top Acts will be informed over email in March, after all Top Class concerts have concluded.

What kinds of work are included in Top Acts?

Top Acts is an evening concert which presents up to 20 performers from the Top Class concert series in one stunning event. Works of dance, drama, theatre studies, and music are blended together into a dynamic presentation.

In 2018, two Top Screen films were also featured in Top Acts.

How do I know if I have been selected to perform in Top Acts?

Those selected for Top Acts will be informed by email in March each year.

Why can't I use my school email address?

If students leave school after the VCE exams their school email is often discontinued. Email will be the main way of contacting exhibitors/filmmakers during event preparation so we need a personal email that will continue well into the following year.

If you do not have a personal email address, we recommend you set one up for this purpose.