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​​​​​​​VCE Season of Excellence 2016

The VCE Season of Excellence presents works created b​y VCE students in design, technology, multimedia and the cinematic, visual and performing arts through exhibitions, screenings and performances supported by education talks, forums and panel discussions, catalogues, programs and online material.

Tickets to all Season events are now available. To book tickets or to book for education sessions:

Top DesignsTop Arts


For the full Season of Excellence program details, including dates and venues, download: VCE Season of Excellence 2016 Program (docx - 71.7kb)


ON SALE NOW: Top Designs 2016 Catalogues, PREORDER: Top Screen 2016 DVDs

Season of Excellence 2015 Events Photo Gallery




Top Screen 2015 ‘Making Of’ films

Take a look behind the scenes at the making of films that were selected for Top Screen 2015.



Produced by Brett Lamb, State Reviewer for Media.


Find out what some students have gained from being a part of Top Designs.

Copyright requirements for making applications to Top Designs, Top Screen and Top Arts

Students are advised that if they wish to submit work to VCE Season of Excellence events they should be aware of the copyright requirements covering work submitted.