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VCAL Chair’s Award 2015

David Gallagher, VCAL Manager, VCAA 2004–2014

David Gallagher with VCAA Chair Chris Wardlaw

The VCAL Chair’s Award recognises the outstanding achievement of an individual or organisation in delivering or promoting the VCAL in their particular community or region. The Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority selects the recipient of the VCAL Chair’s Award.

The recipient of the 2015 VCAL Chair’s award is David Gallagher, former Manager of VCAL at the VCAA. David managed the VCAL Unit for 10 years and played a significant role in the development of this very successful program which has gained wide acceptance in Victoria.

Since his retirement, David has continued to be actively involved in VCAL and applied learning. David continues to chair the Master of Applied Learning and Teaching (MALT) Advisory Panel at Deakin University. The MALT is a post-graduate course for adults who wish to change their career and become a secondary teacher.

David lectures in this program and mentors students who need additional support in their practical teaching placements. David also lectures at La Trobe University in applied learning and alternative education models.

David remains very passionate about VCAL and continues to mentor and provide professional development and advice to VCAL teachers and providers throughout Victoria on a range of applied learning topics.