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VCAL Achievement Awards - recognising the achievements of VCAL students, teachers and partner organisations. Nomination close 20 November 2017.

VCAL Achie​vement Awards

The VCAL Achievement Awards celebrate outstanding achievements of young people who participate and complete a VCAL qualification. The Awards also recognise the contribution and achievement of VCAL teachers and partner organisations in the development and delivery of innovative VCAL programs. Award winning students will show great enthusiasm, commitment and diligence and set a great example for other students. The Awards also recognise the exceptional efforts of committed teachers and community partners who have played significant roles within the VCAL program.

The Awards are a real celebration of the successful implementation of the original vision of the VCAL. The students, schools and their community partners are living examples of excellence in applied learning. They demonstrate that we can and must find diverse ways of challenging, extending and promoting learning for the full range of young people.

The 2017 VCAL Achievement Awards ceremony will take place at the Deakin Edge, Federation Square, on Friday 27 April 2018. Applications for the 2017 VCAL Achievement Awards have closed.

Nominations for the 2018 VCAL Achievement Awards will open in September 2018.


2016 VCAL Achievement Awards: Video highlights

Hear from some of our 2016 award-winning students and teachers.

Transcript of 2016 VCAL Achievement Awards: Video highlights (docx - 24.47kb)