VCAL Achievement Awards - recognising the achievements of VCAL students, teachers and partner organisations. Nomination close 20 November 2017.

VCAL Achievement Awards

Partner Achievement Award Winners 2016

VCAL Partnerships

IBM Australia and Federation College

Jade and Eliza receive award certificate and trophy from Judith

L-R: IBM Australia representative Jade Moffat, Parliamentary Secretary Judith Graley, and Federation College representative Eliza Lane

The partnership between Federation College and IBM Australia produced a new learning experience that focuses on pathways in technology to address future employment opportunities and enrich the VCAL principles. Through the program, students experience technology in action and conduct think tanks on how technology can solve problems to create new social and economic outcomes.

IBM Australia provided a coordinator to work with the P-TECH team to develop teaching and learning experiences; they also provided the use of the IBM workplace resources to support the delivery of all VCAL strands with real-world applications, and developed a mentoring program to support young people in their understanding of workplace culture, employability skills and pathway planning.

Along with students and staff, IBM employees brainstormed projects to support the development of workplace learning skills. Students worked with IBM to design introduction displays, company PowerPoints, community films and a timeline for the foyer, which is now a highlight of IBM introductions. They also gave a presentation to IBM mentors and industry community members on their understanding of the changing world of work and the importance of technology, reflecting on their skill development over the life of the program.

Through this partnership and the VCAL program, students have come to identify future pathways, access new opportunities, and gain exposure to people who can support their development and future aspirations.


Workplace Learning

Tasty Az and Mount Evelyn Christian School/Ranges TEC

Samuel, Julie and Ric receive award certificate and trophy from Judith

L-R: Ranges TEC student and Tasty Az employee Samuel Flowers, Parliamentary Secretary for Education Judith Graley, Ranges TEC VCAL Coordinator Julie Reid and Director Ric Thorpe.

This year the Tasty Az caterers and Ranges TEC work placement partnership saw three students work in various capacities at Tasty Az.

The Tasty Az team exemplify the VCAL principles and are committed in their support of Ranges TEC students. Tasty Az’s work placements support the students’ strengths and assist them to become confident and engaged community members and workers.

This year, VCAL student Sam worked with Tasty Az. Sam has a great eye for detail and artistic ability. He was taught many recipes and given the opportunity to design and produce labels for the Tasty Az jams and chutneys. These labels now feature on its produce, which is sold Melbourne wide.

As well as Hospitality training, Tasty Az offers VCAL students paid Hospitality shifts for events. It also includes the students in all its promotional activities and celebratory occasions, including professional photo shoots, media events as well as on social media.

This year, Tasty Az provided an opportunity for a Ranges TEC student to enhance her media and photography skills, while undertaking work placement in Community Services.

As Tasty Az continues to grow, it is strengthening its ties with Ranges TEC and the VCAL students. Soon it hopes to establish its own café, where it can provide further real-life educational opportunities and a comfortable community space.