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2016 VCE Leader of the Year

Thomas Velican

Thomas Velican

The VCE Leader of the Year 2016 is Thomas Velican from Nossal High School. Thomas is one of seven VCE Leaders who have received a VCE Leadership Award.

Thomas won a Lenovo Yoga laptop. The other six VCE Leaders received Lenovo TAB3 7" tablets. All finalists received a three month subscription to the Herald Sun newspaper, and a 12 month digital subscription.

Thomas is an outstanding advocate for youth leadership and voice … read more.

Finalists for 2016


View the 2016 Gallery of VCE Leadership Awards Overall Leader and Finalists.​​​​​​​​

About the Awards

The VCE Leadership Awards recognise VCE students who promote leadership and participation in their school and local community.

VCE Leaders demonstrate initiative, inspire others, work well in a team and are committed to making a difference. They take an interest in activities such as the arts, sport, debating and public speaking; they may campaign for social justice and environmental protection and/or raise funds for worthy causes.

The VCE Leadership Awards are open to government, Catholic and independent school students. Mature age students are also encouraged to apply for these awards.

VCE Leaderships finalists are selected between May and September with the VCE Leader of the Year announced at an award ceremony in November.

For more information contact the Media and Communications team on (03) 9032 1629 or email: vcaa@edumail.vic.gov.au