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AusVELS Resources and Support

Information and resources have been developed to support the implementation of the AusVELS including:

  • Curriculum Planning Resource – provides access to the Curriculum Planning Resource website, including F–10 curriculum and reporting guidelines and planning tools.
  • Assessment – provides links to annotated work samples and the requirements for student reporting.
  • Consultations – opportunities to be involved in the development of the Australian Curriculum by contributing to the consultation process are outlined here. Past responses to the consultation processes and reports related to trials of the Australian curriculum are also available.
  • Diversity of learners – resources to support students with disabilities and additional needs and students who are learning English as an Additional Language.
  • Domain based resources – includes the progression point examples, comparisons between VELS and AusVELS curriculum, scope and sequence and planning templates.
  • Implementation – provides access to official notifications about implementation of AusVELS and to the AusVELS Update subscription service.
  • Professional learning – provides resources to use within your school, and advertises new professional development opportunities for teachers.
  • Whole school planning – includes background papers on curriculum, information on time allocations and mandatory content, PowerPoint presentations to introduce AusVELS and useful links.
  • FAQs

The materials provided to support teachers and schools will continue to be developed.

You may wish to subscribe to the AusVELS Update to be kept informed about new developments, resources and professional learning opportunities.

For information on previous curricula in Victorian schools, click here.

Last Update: 25 November 2014