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Support documents for implementing F - 10 Australian Curriculum English in Victoria (AusVELS)

For a comparison of VELS English with Australian Curriculum English, please see

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Progression point examples for AusVELS English

Progression point examples are provided to assist teachers in the assessment and reporting of student achievement. In AusVELS,
the progression point examples are provided in 0.5 increments.  

For each reporting period, teachers will use a variety of assessments to inform their on-balance judgment about student progress against the standards provided in a domain.  

Teachers are advised that progression point examples are not mandated for curriculum planning and reporting purposes. They are examples only.

Progression point examples are designed to: Progression point examples are NOT designed to:
  • illustrate how a student might show evidence of progression
  • be used in conjunction with other tools such as annotated student work samples
  • be modified by schools so that the examples reflect the curriculum structure and timing of when knowledge and skills are taught and assessed
  • replace standards
  • be used as a definitive or mandated set of progression measures for student assessment
  • be the only resource used by teachers to assign progression points on student reports


To assist schools planning for implementing the AusVELS curriculum in 2013, progression point examples are available:

Progression point examples for AusVELS English (updated March 2013, PDF - 494KB)

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English as an Additional Language (EAL) Companion to AusVELS 

English as an Additional Language (EAL) Companion to AusVELS  (PDF - 652KB)

The English as an Additional Language (EAL) Companion to AusVELS provides a framework for assessing student achievement and developing effective learning programs for the many students in Victorian schools who are learning English as an additional language.

The EAL Developmental Continuum provides additional information when assessing the progress of EAL students and for curriculum planning.

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Planning templates

English Planning templates 

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Mode scope and sequence for AusVELS English

Mode scope and sequence chart for AusVELS English (PDF - 570KB)

The mode scope and sequence chart for AusVELS English provides the sequence of content descriptions across levels organised by the modes of Reading and viewing, Writing, and Speaking and listening.

It is important to note, of course, that learning in one mode supports, complements and occurs most effectively when integrated with learning in the other modes.

For a copy of the scope and sequence document complied by ACARA, please see AusVELS English Scope and Sequence (PDF - 1MB)

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Presentations and additional resources

A range of presentations and additional resources to support teachers to implement AusVELS English, including:

  • Introducing AusVELS English: Navigating the landscape video
  • Introducing AusVELS English: Working with texts powerpoint presentation
  • Language strand resources
  • MoneySmart Teaching resources New


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