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Introducing the curriculum

The Victorian Curriculum Critical and Creative Thinking is organised into three strands: Questions and Possibilities, Reasoning and Meta-Cognition.

In AusVELS, the Interdisciplinary Learning domain included Thinking Processes, which encompassed a range of cognitive, affective and metacognitive knowledge, skills and behaviours which are essential for students to function effectively in society, both within and beyond school. The Critical and Creative Thinking continuum shares an affinity with many aspects of Thinking Processes. Aspects of Meta-Cognition also share similarities with Personal Learning in AusVELS, particularly reflection.

Critical and creative thinking processes are a necessary component in each learning area, however, they are not replicated in the content descriptions or achievement standards for each.

To view the Critical and Creative Thinking curriculum, please visit the Victorian Curriculum F–10 website.


A PowerPoint presentation outlining the key components of the Critical and Creative Thinking curriculum is available:

Introducing Critical and Creative Thinking (pptx - 320.67kb)

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