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Swimming and water safety

Development of knowledge and skills relating to survival swimming and basic water safety can significantly reduce a child’s drowning risk and enhance community safety.  By Level 6, it is anticipated that students should be able to demonstrate the knowledge and skills identified in the Victorian Water Safety Certificate. The Victorian Water Safety Certificate is a Victorian Government initiative describes the knowledge and skills to enable students to safely enjoy water based activities in calm and shallow aquatic environments. The Victorian Water Safety Certificate focuses on water safety knowledge, rescue skills, survival sequences and the ability to swim a continuous distance of 50 meters.

The Health and Physical Education Curriculum contains knowledge and skills related the development of swimming skills and water safety knowledge described in the Victorian Water Safety Certificate. A range of sample activities for Foundation to Level 10 has been provided to assist schools to incorporate swimming and water safety into their teaching and learning program.

Sample swimming and water safety activities

The sample swimming and water safety activities have been developed to support teachers to identify the content descriptors, focus areas and achievement standards where swimming and water safety could be included within a health and physical education teaching and learning program. These sample activities aim to provide teachers with ideas for teaching and learning and assessment strategies, they are not intended to be prescriptive.  The sample activities have been colour coded to identify activities that can be conducted in a classroom and to identify those that are water-based.

Swimming_and_water_safety-Foundation_Level (docx - 75.02kb)

Swimming_and_water_safety-Level_2 (docx - 74.97kb)

Swimming_and_water_safety-Level_4 (docx - 75.07kb)

Swimming_and_water_safety-Level_6 (docx - 76.02kb)

Swimming_and_water_safety-Level_8 (docx - 76.44kb)

Swimming_and_water_safety-Level_10 (docx - 75.58kb)


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