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Introducing the curriculum

Mathematics in the Victorian Curriculum is substantially the same as AusVELS. A small number of new content descriptions and elaborations have been developed, and a small number of existing content descriptions and elaborations revised, at various levels, to enhance the coherence, consistency and completeness of the curriculum. 

The changes to the Number and Algebra strand strengthen the use of mental estimates for calculations, and coverage of simple non-linear relations and solving equations. The changes to the Measurement and Geometry strand make explicit inverse relations between quantities in measurement formulas and incorporate patterns in the plane arising from congruent transformations.  The changes to the Statistics and Probability strand clarify terminology and include interquartile range and consideration of the effect of outliers on measures of centre and spread.

From F-10/10A a new content description in relation to algorithms and coding has been included in the Patterns and algebra sub-strand of the Number and Algebra strand at each level.

Some minor revisions have been made to achievement standards, as applicable, consistent with respect to the changes and revisions to content descriptions. 

The level descriptions in the Victorian Curriculum Mathematics have all been revised to more fully articulate the proficiencies of understanding, fluency, reasoning and problem solving in relation to the content descriptions and achievement standards.

Summary of changes to content descriptions

The following document provides a summary of changes to content descriptions from AusVELS Mathematics to the Victorian Curriculum F–10 Mathematics.

The new content descriptions for algorithms and coding are highlighted. Teachers should plan to incorporate these as applicable in conjunction with the coverage of other content descriptions from across the strands.

Changes to Mathematics content descriptions (docx - 89.51kb)

Reporting progress in Mathematics

These changes do not cause a break in reporting data and student progress can be shown from AusVELS Mathematics to the Victorian Curriculum F–10 Mathematics.

To view the Mathematics curriculum, please visit the Victorian Curriculum F–10 website.


A PowerPoint presentation outlining the key components of the Mathematics curriculum is available:

Introducing Mathematics (pptx - 318.15kb)

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