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Introducing the curriculum

The Victorian Curriculum Science has a two strand structure whilst AusVELS Science has a three strand structure. In the Victorian Curriculum Science, much of the AusVELS Science as a Human Endeavour strand has been relocated as a Science Understanding sub-strand, to make explicit the strong links between the nature, development and applications of science and specific knowledge of the disciplines within science. Aspects of AusVELS Science as a Human Endeavour strand that relate to how existing knowledge is challenged and investigated and the nature of scientific evidence has been incorporated within the Science Inquiry Skills strand of the Victorian Curriculum Science. 

The content descriptions from AusVELS Science have been conflated into bands in the Victorian Curriculum. The first band in the Victorian Curriculum covers Levels F–2 and the remaining bands cover two levels. The achievement standards are already presented in bands in AusVELS and this has been maintained in the Victorian Curriculum, but there is no standard at Foundation Level. This structure provides teachers with greater flexibility in delivering science. 

Whilst conflating the content descriptions in the Victorian Curriculum, there have been some minor edits made to the Biological sciences, Chemical sciences and Earth and space sciences sub-strands. A new content description related to psychological sciences has been introduced in the Biological sciences sub-strand. The Physical sciences sub-strand from AusVELS has been revised to include temperature at Levels 3-4, the conversion of electrical energy to other forms of energy at Levels 5-6, and light and sound at Levels 7-8, and at levels 9-10 there is a more specific treatment of electric circuits in terms of voltage and current concepts, magnetism in terms of a field model and electromagnetism, heat transfer as explaining energy flows in Earth's atmosphere and reference to forces in explaining motion. 

Reporting progress in Science

These changes do cause a break in reporting data and student progress as the teaching program moves from AusVELS Science to the Victorian Curriculum F–10 Science. 

To view the Science curriculum, please visit the Victorian Curriculum F–10 website.


A PowerPoint presentation outlining the key components of the Science curriculum is available:

Introducing Science (pptx - 322.29kb)

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