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Victorian Curriculum F–10 online professional learning sessions

The Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority recognises the importance of support for teachers and education professionals following the transition from AusVELS to the Victorian Curriculum F–10. A series of online professional learning sessions have been designed to help schools and teachers familiarise themselves with the curriculum.

  • The sessions will be presented by VCAA Curriculum Managers, specialist teachers or other specialists.
  • Most sessions will commence at 3.45pm and will run for an hour.
  • Each session has a maximum of 500 registrations.
  • Schools are encouraged to register once for sessions they wish to attend and to organise their technical resources to attend as a group, if appropriate.
  • If you are unsuccessful in securing a place, your contact details will be kept. The VCAA will let you know about any additional sessions that will be held to meet demand.
  • If you are successfully registered, you will usually receive an evaluation survey and a copy of the presentation after the session.
  • Recordings of the sessions are not available.

Term 1, 2017

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Design and Technologies

Home Economics in the Victorian Curriculum
This session will explore how home economics can be taught from both the Design and technologies and Health and physical education curricula.

Nerida Matthews
Leanne Compton
14 March 3.45-4.45pm
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Embedding Sustainability in the Victorian Curriculum
This session explores the concept of Education for Sustainability and how Sustainability Cross-curriculum priority can be implemented within the Learning Areas and General Capabilities.

Sharon Foster, David Speller
Julie Harris
15 March 3.45-4.45pm
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Health and Physical Education & Personal and Social Capability

Respectful Relationships in the Victorian Curriculum
This session will explore what respectful Relationships is and how it relates to the Victorian Curriculum. It will include information on resources and ideas for teaching and assessment.

Jessica Wright   Thursday
16 March 3.45-4.45pm
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Critical and Creative Thinking

Critical and Creative Thinking Seminar
This professional learning presentation will explore the components of the Critical and Creative Thinking curriculum and the importance of this knowledge and skills for learning and everyday life.

Professor Bill Lucas

University of Winchester

20 March 3.45-4.45pm
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Victorian Aboriginal languages
Victorian Aboriginal Languages in the Victorian Curriculum F–10 — mapping your lessons to the Curriculum Template and discussion

Julie Reid (VCAA)
Vaso Elefsiniotis (VAEAI)
21 March 3.45-4.45pm
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Assessment (English and Mathematics)

VCAA On Demand Testing and the Victorian Curriculum — Supporting Teacher Practice
The composition of On Demand Adaptive tests and coverage of the Victorian Curriculum. How to use the tests and interpret students’ results.

Participants in this session are advised to familiarise themselves with the following documents before the sessions.

Composition of Adaptive tests (docx - 1.14mb)

Composition of Adaptive tests (pdf - 344.48kb)

On Demand test and Victorian Curriculum coverage (docx - 160.4kb)

On Demand test and Victorian Curriculum coverage (pdf - 290.37kb)

Transition_AusVELS to VC (docx - 148.89kb)

Transition_AusVELS to VC (pdf - 243.7kb)

Sample Student Roadmap Maths Num_Alg 6 (docx - 1.01mb)

Sample Student Roadmap Maths Num_Alg 6 (pdf - 410.8kb)

Sample Student Roadmap English Reading 4 (docx - 1.21mb)

Sample Student Roadmap English Reading 4 (pdf - 594.03kb)

available_odtests (docx - 325.44kb)

available_odtests (pdf - 168.72kb)

Fran O'Mara   Wednesday
22 March 3.45-5.15pm
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Implementing the Victorian Curriculum: Languages
Implementing the Victorian Curriculum: Languages for primary teachers.

Maree Dellora ​​​​​Thursday
23 March 3.45-4.45pm
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Completed online sessions in 2016

Online professional learning sessions about the new Victorian Curriculum F–10 were held in Terms 2 and 3 in 2016. The presentations used in these sessions are now available to download from Past professional learning sessions.