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Professional learning

Current professional learning opportunities

Professional learning opportunities designed to support schools and teachers familiarise themselves with the Victorian Curriculum F-10 are now available. Deep familiarisation with the Victorian Curriculum F-10 is essential to enable the development of a comprehensive teaching and learning program.

Two series of professional learning will be made available. These series include opportunities to explore the elements of quality curriculum planning, and have been made available to all Victorian schools, across all sectors.

Specialist Teachers - peer-to-peer learning

The first series of professional learning, as part of the Education State Initiative and supported by the Department of Education, is being offered across the state as a variety of face-to-face workshops and online sessions, delivered by Specialist Teachers. Groups of schools can also request additional sessions relevant to their needs.

Click here to register or request a session

VCAA facilitated online professional learning

The second series of professional learning is offered by Curriculum Managers from the VCAA and stakeholders from a variety of organisations to continue supporting the implementation of the Victorian Curriculum F-10. These sessions are only offered online.

View the complete set of sessions here.

Online professional learning sessions: Assessing Victorian Curriculum F-10 languages

The VCAA’s Languages Manager, with support from assessment experts from the Australian Council for Education Research (ACER), will be presenting two online sessions on using the new Language Assessment resources with the Victorian Curriculum F-10: Languages.

The aim of the first session on Wednesday 25 October is to give an overview of assessment practices in the Languages, including how the new Language Assessment resources might support teachers.  This session will cover similar information to the sessions held in August and September 2017.

The aim of the second session on  Thursday 26 October is to explore further how the Language Assessments may be used to support teachers’ assessment practices.

These sessions will be of particular interest to Languages teachers in upper primary and lower to mid secondary schools, who teach one of the eight languages currently supported by the Language Assessment resource. Both sessions run from 3.45pm - 4:45pm.

Register here for 25 October session.

Register here for 26 October session.

For further advice for Victorian schools on the effective use of the curriculum to develop whole-school teaching and learning plans and on reporting student learning achievement, please see the Victorian Curriculum F–10: Revised curriculum planning and reporting guidelines (pdf - 1,010.58kb)

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The Victorian Curriculum F–10 Unit provides a subscription service known as the F–10 Curriculum Update. Information will be provided through the service about future professional learning opportunities and curriculum developments, including website updates and the availability of new resources. All ​teachers are encouraged to subscribe.

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MoneySmart Teaching Professional Learning

F–10 teachers of English, Mathematics and Science are encouraged to access MoneySmart Teaching, an initiative funded by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC). MoneySmart Teaching has developed a range of teaching resources designed to help children and young people improve their levels of consumer and financial literacy. The VCAA is managing the MoneySmart Teaching project in Victoria. There are a range of teaching resources available and they are aligned to the Australian Curriculum. Professional learning opportunities include sessions which are suitable for primary and secondary teachers across all three sectors.

Contact details:

Shane O'Connor, MoneySmart Project Manager

Past professional learning opportunities

2017 Professional Learning Sessions

November 28: Languages Assessment Program (second session)

28_Nov_Language_Assessment_resource_for_Victorian_Curriculum_Languages (pptx - 1.98mb)

November 23: Languages Assessment Program

Language_Assessment_resource_for_Victorian_Curriculum_Languages (pptx - 1.98mb)

November 1: Visual Arts, Indicative Progress

VisArts_Indicative_ProgressNov2017 (pptx - 1.38mb)

October 31: reSOLVE: Mathematics by Inquiry

reSOLVE_mathematics_by_inquiry-Primary (pptx - 19.67mb)

reSOLVE_mathematics_by_inquiry-Secondary (pptx - 19.96mb)

October 25-26: Languages Assessment Program

Oct_25_Assessment_in_the_Victorian_Curriculum_Languages (pptx - 2.34mb)

Oct-26_Assessment_in_the_Victorian_Curriculum_Languages (pptx - 3.81mb)

July 26 and August 1: Languages Assessment Program

Languages_Assessment_Program (pptx - 1.09mb)

Languages_Assessment_Program_Day2 (pptx - 1.1mb)

June 22: Levels A-D English

Levels_A-D_English (pptx - 1.38mb)

June 21: Koorie Cross Curriculum Protocols

Koorie_Cross_Curriculum_Protocols (pptx - 1.24mb)

June 15: History in Secondary

History_7-10 (pptx - 5.4mb)

June 14: Economics and Business: Work and Work Futures

Economics_and_Business_Secondary-Work_and_work_futures (pptx - 831.44kb)

June 13: An Introduction to History in Primary

History_Primary_Introduction (pptx - 5.8mb)

June 8: Civic Participation in the Victorian Curriculum part 2

Civic_Participation_June_8 (pptx - 6.05mb)

June 6: Teaching Aboriginal Perspectives

Paralysis_of_Integrity (pptx - 1.11mb)

May 31: Civic Participation in the Victorian Curriculum

Civic_Participation_in_the_Victorian_Curriculum (pptx - 5.29mb)

May 30: STEM, an introduction to teaching

STEM_an_Introduction_to_teaching (pptx - 8.7mb)

May 25: Dance in the Real World: Secondary

Dance_in_the_Real_World (pptx - 1.3mb)

May 24: Music in the Real World: Secondary

Music_in_the_Real_World-Secondary (pptx - 818.8kb)

May 23: Economics and Business: Primary

5-6_EconomicsandBusiness_23_May_2017 (pptx - 874.63kb)

May 18: Secondary Performing Arts: Drama

Drama_in_the_Real_World (pptx - 608.73kb)

May 17: Languages: Secondary

PowerPoint coming soon.

May 16: Geography

Geography_Indicative_Progress (pptx - 1.31mb)

May 11: Ethical Capability

Ethical_Capability_Webinar (pptx - 2.07mb)

May 10: Financial Mathematics: Secondary

Final_Financial_mathematics_secondary (pptx - 4.42mb)

May 9: Visual Communication Design and Design and Technologies

VicCurric_DesignThinking_May2017 (pptx - 18.8mb)

May 4: STEM: Simple Circutry

STEM_Simple_Circuits (pptx - 10.99mb)

May 2: Media Arts integration

VicCurric_MediaArtsIntegration_May2017 (pptx - 1.64mb)

April 27: Specifics of Digital Technologies

VCAA_DigiTech_27-April-2017 (pptx - 7.76mb)

April 26: Visual Arts F-6 Curriculum planning

VicCurricF-6VisualArts2017 (pptx - 1.82mb)

March 23: Implementing the Victorian Curriculum: Languages

Implementing_the_Victorian_Curriculum_Languages_Primary (pptx - 3.78mb)

March 22: On Demand Testing and the Victorian Curriculum –
Supporting Teacher Practice 

On_Demand_Webinar_PD_Session (pptx - 3.73mb)

available_odtests (pdf - 168.72kb)

Composition of Adaptive tests (pdf - 344.48kb)

On Demand test and Victorian Curriculum coverage (pdf - 290.37kb)

Sample Student Roadmap English Reading 4 (pdf - 594.03kb)

Sample Student Roadmap Maths Num_Alg 6 (pdf - 410.8kb)

Transition_AusVELS to VC (pdf - 243.7kb)

March 21: Victorian Aboriginal Languages

Victorian_Aboriginal_Languages-in_the_Victorian_Curriculum (pptx - 2.07mb)

March 20: Critical and Creative Thinking

Critical_and_Creative_Thinking-with_Bill_Lucas (pptx - 4.17mb)

March 16: Respectful Relationships in the Victorian Curriculum

Respectful_Relationships_in_the_Victorian_Curriculum (pptx - 1.22mb)

March 15: Sustainability, a Cross Curriculum Priority

Learning_about_Sustainability_in_the_Victorian_Curriculum (pptx - 2.81mb)

March 14: Home Economics in the Victorian Curriculum (Health and Physical Education and Design and Technologies 7-10)

Home_Economics_HPE_DesignAndTech_7-10 (pptx - 2.54mb)

March 9: Teaching and Assessing Health and Physical Education

Teaching_Health_and_physical_education_F-10 (pptx - 1.22mb)

March 8: Financial Mathematics in the Victorian Curriculum F-6

Financial_capabilities_primary_webinar (pptx - 7.07mb)

March 1: Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design Curriculum Planning

Visual_Arts_and_VCD_in_practice (pptx - 423.52kb)

February 28: Introducing Stem

STEM_secondary (pptx - 16.77mb)

February 7-8: Top Nine: Frequently Asked Questions

Victorian_Curriculum_Frequently_Asked_Questions (pptx - 2.46mb)

2016 Term 4 professional learning sessions

December 13: Classroom Music Planning

Music_planning_using_Victorian_Curriculum (pptx - 822.68kb)

December 8: Ethical Capability, a Beginner's Guide

A_Beginners_Guide_to_the_ethical_capability (pptx - 357.85kb)

December 7: Humanities, Our Community Work Sample

Humanities_Our_Community (pptx - 1.11mb)

Planning_Template (docx - 45.68kb)

December 6: Teaching Personal and Social Capability

Teaching_the_Personal_and_Social_Capability (pptx - 2.8mb)

December 1: Curriculum Planning in Dance 7-10

Dance7-10_planning_using_VC_webinar (pptx - 559.3kb)

November 30: Digital Technologies, Curriculum Connections

Digi_Tech_Curiculum_Connections (pptx - 2.49mb)

November 29: Algorithms and Coding in the Victorian Curriculum Mathematics

Algorithms_and_Coding_in_the_Victorian_Curriculum (pptx - 313.73kb) (Primary)

November 23: Curriculum Planning in Media and Visual Arts F-6

Media_Visual_Arts_Curriculum_Planning_F-6 (pptx - 496.79kb) (Primary)

November 22: Curriculum Planning in Drama 7-10

Drama_7-10_planning_using_VicCurriculum (pptx - 521.47kb) (Secondary)

November 17: Curriculum Planning in Media Arts 7-10

Planning_Media_Arts_Secondary (pptx - 1.26mb) (Secondary)

November 16: Digital Technologies: Delivery Options

Delivery_Options_Digital_Technologies (pptx - 2.12mb)

November 10: Instrumental Music

Instrumental _Music_Curriculum_Planning (pptx - 618.36kb)

November 9: Curriculum Planning in Visual Art and Visual Communication Design

Secondary_Visual_Arts_and_Visual_Communication_Design_Curriculum_Planning (pptx - 498.47kb) (Secondary)

November 8: Using the Victorian Curriculum to plan F-6 Dance and Drama

Planning_Dance_and_Drama_Curriculum_Primary (pptx - 492.61kb) (Primary)

November 3: Using the Victorian Curriculum to plan F-6 Music

Planning_Music_Curriculum_Primary (pptx - 601.82kb) (Primary)

November 2: Unpacking Key Terms in Digital Technologies

Unpacking_key_Digital_Technologies_terms (pptx - 5.66mb)

November 9: Using the Victorian Curriculum to plan Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design

Secondary_Visual_Arts_and_Visual_Communication_Design_Curriculum_Planning (pptx - 498.47kb) (Secondary)

Previous professional learning sessions

September 9: Introducing the Capabilities

Introducing the Capabilities (pptx - 2.79mb)

September 7: Curriculum Planning Overview

Curriculum Planning Overview (pptx - 6.74mb)

September 1: Unpacking English (additional session)

Unpacking English (additional session) (pptx - 1.6mb)

August 30: Introduction of Levels A - D

Introduction of Levels A - D (pptx - 1.31mb)

August 11: Unpacking English

Unpacking English (pptx - 1.58mb) (Secondary)

August 9: Exploring Intercultural Capability

Exploring Intercultural Capability (pptx - 2.32mb)

August 4: How has History changed

How has History changed (pptx - 2.08mb)

August 3: Science delivery opportunities

Science delivery opportunities (pptx - 3mb) (Secondary)

August 2: Science delivery opportunities

Science delivery opportunities (pptx - 1.51mb) (Primary)

July 28: Economics and Business

Economics and Business (pptx - 1.2mb) (Secondary)

July 27: Unpacking English

Unpacking English (pptx - 688.02kb) (Primary)

July 26: Business and Economics

Business and Economics (pptx - 1.2mb) (Primary)

July 20: Civics and Citizenship

Civics and Citizenship (pptx - 5.3mb)

July 19: Music

Music (pptx - 2.74mb)

June 23: Critical and Creative Thinking

Critical and Creative Thinking (pptx - 2.89mb)

June 21: Visual Communication Design

Visual Communication Design 7–10 (pptx - 3.6mb)

June 16: Languages

Languages (pptx - 6.37mb) (Secondary)

June 15: Visual Arts

Visual Arts (pptx - 4.46mb) (Secondary)

June 14: Languages

Languages (pptx - 7.38mb) (Primary)

June 9: Media Arts

Media Arts (pptx - 5.2mb) (Secondary)

June 8: Visual Arts: Media Arts and Visual Arts

Media Arts and Visual Arts (pptx - 5.28mb) (Primary)

June 7: Design and Technologies

Design and Technologies (pptx - 548.19kb) (Secondary)

June 2: Personal and Social Capability

Personal and Social Capability (pptx - 761.5kb) (Secondary)

June 1: Personal and Social Capability

Personal and Social Capability (pptx - 764.17kb) (Primary) 

May 26: Ethical Capability

Ethical Capability (pptx - 274.58kb) (Secondary)

May 25: Specialist delivery of Dance, Drama and Music

Specialist delivery of Dance, Drama and Music (pptx - 2.11mb)

May 24: Ethical Capability

Ethical Capability (pptx - 281.41kb) (Primary)

May 19: Geography

Geography (pptx - 761.34kb) (Secondary)

May 18: Mathematics

Mathematics (pptx - 455.65kb) (Secondary)

May 17: Geography

Geography (pptx - 419.46kb) (Primary)

May 12: Dance 7 to 10

Dance 7 to 10 (pptx - 2.45mb) (Secondary) 

May 11: Health and Physical Education

Health and Physical Education (pptx - 721.88kb) (Secondary)

May 10: Health and Phsycial Education

Health and Physical Education (pptx - 732.74kb) (Primary)

May 5: Unpacking Design and Technologies

Design and Technologies (pptx - 536.55kb) (Primary)

May 4 2016: Drama 7–10

Drama 7–10 (pptx - 2.45mb)

May 3 2016: Ways of thinking in Digital Technologies

Ways of thinking in Digital Technologies (pptx - 1.57mb) 

April 28 2016: Unpacking the Arts

Unpacking the Arts (pptx - 1.9mb) (Secondary)

April 27 2016: Mathematics

Unpacking Mathematics F–6 (pptx - 458.23kb) (Primary)

April 26 2016: Instrumental Music

Instrumental Music (pptx - 1.9mb)

April 21 2016: Implementing the Arts

Introduction to the Arts (pptx - 3.23mb) (Primary)

April 20 2016: Unpacking Digital Technologies

Unpacking Digital Technologies (pptx - 3.31mb)

April 19 2016: Curriculum Planning and Reporting

​​Curriculum Planning and Reporting (pptx - 4.06mb)

January 2016: Victorian Curriculum F–10 Familiarisation

Three online professional learning sessions about the new Victorian Curriculum F–10 were held in January 2016. The presentation used in these sessions is now available to download:

Victorian Curriculum F–10 Familiarisation January 2016​ (pptx - 4.38mb)

December 2015: Victorian Curriculum F–10 History

History teachers and educators were invited to participate in online professional learning about the Victorian Curriculum F–10: History over two sessions, one for Primary teachers and one for Secondary teachers. The presentations used in these sessions are now available to download:

Victorian Curriculum F–10 History: Primary (pptx - 6.04mb)

Victorian Curriculum F–10 History: Secondary​ (pptx - 4.89mb)

November 2015: Victorian Curriculum F–10 Familiarisation

Over 600 teachers and schools attended eight online professional learning sessions about the new Victorian Curriculum F–10 in Term 4. These sessions were designed to begin the familiarisation process with the new curriculum.

The presentation used for this session is now available to download: Victorian Curriculum F–10 Familiarisation November 2015​ (pptx - 4.34mb)