​​​​Authorisation for school providers to deliver VCAL

Registered schools are listed on the State Register, the VRQA’s online database of registered providers. The State Register can be searched on the VRQA’s website

 The Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) is a senior secondary qualification recognised within the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF). All providers must comply with the associated minimum standards for r​​egistration and the conditions set by the VCAA (Education and Training Reform Regulations 2007, Schedule 7.3.3).

Authorisation process

Government sector schools should consult with the DET Integrated Provision and Design Unit ​ before applying.

Catholic sector schools should consult with the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria before applying.

Independent schools apply directly to the VRQA. 

All Government, Catholic and Independent schools submit evidence for authorisation as part of their registration application to the VRQA.

Evidence requirements

All schools applying to deliver VCAL must provide evidence to demonstrate their capacity to deliver the curriculum and assessment of the VCAL program.

Additionally, providers applying as a new Senior Secondary Provider (that is, providers not currently delivering VCE), will also need to provide evidence to demonstrate their capacity to manage the administrative requirements associated with delivery of a senior secondary qualification.

Complete and submit the following:

Please contact the VCAL Unit at the VCAA for any further information:
(03) 9032 1727 or vcaa.vcal@edumail.vic.gov.au


23 June 2017Registration application due to the VRQA, including the evidence requirements for authorisation.
July 2017

VCAA assesses evidence for compliance.
VCAA communicates outcomes to VRQA.

August 2017If further evidence is required, school is notified and works with the VCAA to submit one resubmission.
September 2017VCAA communicates outcomes to the VRQA.