Victorian Assessment Software System (VASS)

VASS Admin Overview Statement

VASS is used by schools to record student enrolments and results and by the VCAA to report VCE, VET and VCAL assessment information to schools.

VASS Administration

The effective administration of VASS involves a number of tasks and requires a range of skills.  These may vary from school to school depending on the size of the student cohort and the complexity of student programs.  VASS administration tasks may be shared by a number of staff, and close collaboration with staff such as the VCE, VET and VCAL co-ordinator is necessary.

The VCAA requires strict adherence to timelines for data entry in VASS.  It is the responsibility of each school to ensure that these timelines are met.  Schools may put in place different processes to achieve these timelines and internal school deadlines should be set to allow for these to be met.

Required Skills

Clear understanding of the VCAA requirements for VCE, VET and VCAL program construction is required.

  • Good communication, planning and scheduling skills are required to enable adherence to the strict VCAA timelines.  
    • For example this could involve the creation of a yearly schedule, planning when information is required from teachers so that it can be recorded in VASS.
  • Effective and accurate data entry skills are required, supported by sound computer literacy.  
    • For example many VASS functions require a good knowledge of Microsoft EXCEL.
  • Ability to train and assist other school staff in the most efficient use of VASS. 
    • Schools can choose to make access to VASS available to teachers to view reports about their classes, or in some cases to enter results. Other schools may choose to make paper reports available.
  • Good knowledge of the functions available in VASS.  
    • This can be enhanced by keeping abreast of changes to VASS by being involved in initiatives such as the VASS Administrators Forum.  

In addition, the VCAA offers:

    • Regular online VASS professional development sessions
    • An active online Forum for collaboration with other VASS administration staff
    • Professional development sessions specifically in analysing VCE results â€“ these are designed to increase the knowledge and skills of school staff in accessing and using VCE assessment results information from VASS.
    • Online support services –
    • Business hours telephone support
      • 03 9032 1758
      • 1800 623 681