Information for VET providers

Under the associated legislation (Education and Training Reform Act 2006), VET Providers are required to notify the Victorian Student Register of all student movements and changes to student identifying details.

Organisations that are commencing operation in Victoria will need to contact the VSN Operations Team 1800 822 635/ 9032 1752.

Any organisations that have been implemented will need to ensure their student processes incorporate the responsibilities as outlined in Operating the VSN in the VET Sector.

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Operating the VSN in organisations

Once implemented, organisations will need to support the following VSN-VSR functions:

During student enrolment:

Organisations must capture a student's VSN and identifying details (name, date of birth and gender) and enrolment date and notify the VSR.

If a VSN is not presented, organisations will need to:

  • determine whether the student has previously been assigned a VSN, or
  • whether the student is new to the Victorian education system.

During the student's time at the Organisation:

Organisations must capture changes and corrections to a student's VSN, identifying details or enrolment date and notify the VSR, and

Maintain an accurate record of the VSN for all students enrolled at the organisation, and

Communicate the VSN to the student through the inclusion of the VSN on key communication material such as:

  • confirmation of enrolment reports
  • statement of student results
  • results summaries
  • upon request.

When a student leaves the Organisation:

Organisations must notify the VSR of when the student departed the Organisation, and

Include the VSN and identification details on student exit documentation.

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VET sector specific VSN documentation

For detailed information specific to each implementation phase see:

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