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VCAL Quality Assurance 2017


The information contained in this VCAL Quality Assurance Kit is aimed at providing clear guidelines for the quality assurance of teachers’ professional judgments about assessment of VCAL units and the design of VCAL unit tasks.

Quality Assurance (QA) is an important part of the VCAL and all principals/directors should allow appropriate staff to participate in the VCAL QA process and attend VCAL QA meetings if required. The VCAA strongly recommends that the teacher who completes the sample assessment task template also attends the QA meeting/s.

Providers who do not participate in the regional VCAL QA process may be required to submit all their VCAL units to an audit by the VCAA.

All VCAL providers are allocated to one of three categories for quality assurance. Please refer to the contact details for VCAL Quality Assurance panel leaders (VLTs) and the 2017 allocations of VCAL strands to VCAA VCAL QA regions.

VCAL Quality Assurance information is also available in print format: