VCAL Quality Assurance 2017

Purpose of the VCAL Quality Assurance process

The VCAL QA process ensures that there is a common understanding and consistency among teachers regarding assessment judgments and the design of assessment tasks for the three VCAL levels.

The VCAL QA process enables teachers to clarify their ideas about the appropriate VCAL level and tasks for their students.

The VCAA has established nine VCAL QA regions. These nine regions are similar to the previous nine Department of Education and Training regions. If providers are not sure of their VCAL QA region, contact Adam Whitbread, VCAL Manager:  or (03) 9032 1727.

A VCAL QA Panel, led by a VCAL Liaison Teacher (VLT), has been established in each VCAL QA region to:

  • establish regional benchmarks for consistency in the assessment of VCAL levels and VCAL learning outcomes
  • provide advice to VCAL providers that will enable them to confidently design VCAL unit assessment tasks and to make assessment judgments about successful achievement of the learning outcomes for VCAL units
  • allocate providers to one of three categories
  • select and provide advice regarding exemplar models of VCAL tasks for publication on the VCAA website.