VCAL Quality Assurance 2017

VCAL Senior Extension Units Quality Assurance

The VCAL Senior Extension (Folio Enhancement) program is currently only available at three schools. Any VCAL provider that wishes to deliver the VCAL Senior Extension (Folio Enhancement) program must contact Adam Whitbread, VCAL Manager: (03) 9032 1727 or

Teachers from VCAL Senior Extension (Folio Enhancement) providers will be required to participate in the VCAL QA process. The VCAA will consult with VCAL Senior Extension providers to set the dates, times and venues for their Stage 2 VCAL QA meeting.

The QA panel for VCAL Senior Extension (Folio Enhancement) will consist of a VCAA representative and a representative from each VCAL Senior Extension (Folio Enhancement) provider.


Senior Extension Stage 1 QA

The sample assessment task templates submitted for QA of the VCAL Senior Extension units must meet all the learning outcomes for each unit.

The VCAL Senior Extension units Sample Assessment Task Template provided within this VCAL Quality Assurance Kit must be completed and submitted for QA.

VCAL Senior Extension (Folio Enhancement) providers must submit the following by Friday 24 March 2017:

  • an electronic copy of the VCAL Senior Extension units sample assessment task template
  • a maximum of four additional pages of supporting information if required.

Completed templates must be submitted to the VCAL Manager, VCAA:


Senior Extension Stage 2 QA

Quality Assurance meeting – Student Portfolio for VCAL Senior Extension Units

At this meeting providers will submit four copies of the completed Sample Assessment Task template and a sample portfolio of evidence that demonstrates the learning outcomes of the VCAL Senior Extension units have been achieved. 

Portfolios of evidence for VCAL Senior Extension units

A student portfolio contains evidence of the student’s own work that demonstrates successful completion of the VCAL unit learning outcomes. It can include a range of evidence such as:

  • a record of student self-assessment
  • a record of peer assessment
  • teacher observation
  • reflective diaries and work journals
  • visual diaries
  • oral presentations
  • an oral explanation
  • a teacher record of a group discussion
  • folio reviews
  • a written report
  • a teacher record of an observed performance of a practical task/s
  • folios.