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Replacement Certificates and Results

Explanatory Notes

Delivery of Replacement Results and Certificates

All replacement results and certificates are posted to the applicant. Results and certificates cannot be faxed, emailed or otherwise sent electronically. The applicant may arrange to personally collect the results.

Obtaining Results on Behalf of Another Person

A friend or relative may obtain results on another person's behalf only if they provide either;

  • A signed letter of authorisation from the applicant stating their name, address, study details, etc. and stating that he/she permits you to act on his/her behalf, or
  • A certified photocopy of a Power of Attorney which gives them the right to act on the student's behalf.

If neither a signed letter of authorisation or a Power of Attorney is offered then no results will be issued. It is a criminal act to forge a signature.


Payments can be made via cheque, money order or credit card. The VCAA cannot accept payments made via cash (please do not send cash through the mail). Applications cannot be processed until payment is received.

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VCE Statement of Results

VCE statements of results from 1991 contain year 11 and 12 subjects, S and N unit results and CAT grades. Statements of results (VCE, HSC and Matriculation) before 1991 contain year 12 subjects and letter grades (A-E).

VCE statements of results from 1994 onwards contain study scores. For the years 1992-93 study scores were calculated and issued by the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC). All queries about study scores for these years should be directed to VTAC .

Tertiary Orientation Programs (TOP), Approved Study Structures (STC) and the Technical Year 12 (T12) results are available.

Other Statements of Results

  • Intermediate (Year 10) results are available for the years 1931-67.
    Note: The VCAA does not hold records for Intermediate (Year 10) after 1967.
  • Leaving (Year 11) results are available for the years 1931-72.
    Note: The VCAA does not hold records related to Years 7-9.

Victorian Certificate of Education

The Victorian Certificate of Education contains the student's name, year of completion and student number. It states that the student has satisfied all the requirements for the VCE. No subjects or results appear on the certificate.

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VET Statement of Module Results

The replacement Vocational Education and Training in Schools (VET) Module Results statement lists each satisfactorily completed module.