​​​Algorithmics (Higher Education Scored Study)

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Accreditation period - Units 3-4: 2015-2016

The accreditation period for VCE Algorithmics (HESS) expires on 31 December 2016. VCE Algorithmics (HESS) contains Units 3-4 only.

Please note: Additional resources associated with the VCE Algorithmics (HESS) Study Design such as assessment documents and general support material will be published progressively as they become available.




VCE Algorithmics (HESS) is being reviewed for reaccreditation during 2016.


The VCAA is seeking feedback on the consultation draft of the proposed VCE Algorithmics (HESS) Study Design from teachers and other key stakeholders. Consultation questionnaires can be completed until 1 July 2016.

Draft Study Design (docx - 127.38kb)

Summary of proposed changes to the Study Design (docx - 106.34kb)

Consultation questionnaire