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Mathematical Methods (CAS) Computer-Based Examination (CBE)


Computer-based examination trial 2011-2013

The Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority  is conducting a three year trial, from 2011 to 2013, for computer-based delivery and student response to the extended answer section of VCE Mathematical Methods (CAS) Examination 2. The trial involves seven schools across government, Catholic and independent sectors and aims to develop and support effective alignment between the use of technology in curriculum, pedagogy and assessment, using the computer algebra system software Mathematica, from Wolfram Research.

The VCAA is providing participating schools and teachers with comprehensive professional learning tools and resources using this software for implementation of Mathematical Methods (CAS) Units 1-4.  Wolfram Research is supporting the trial with access to the software, training, technical support and resource materials. The first two years will be testing proof of concept including operational requirements, and the  trial will culminate with digital delivery and response to the extended answer section of Mathematical Methods (CAS) Examination 2 in 2013, for participating students from trial schools.

Expanded implementation of Mathematical Methods (CAS) Computer-Based Examination (CBE)

At its September meeting the VCAA Board approved expansion of the implementation of the Computer - Based Examination 2 for Mathematical Methods (CAS) to a further 10 schools.

Accordingly, the VCAA invites schools who would like to be involved in this expanded implementation to forward an Expression of Interest application by 5.00 pm Monday 2 December.

Background information

Please read the following background information (doc - 107.5kb) prior to completing an Expression of Interest application.

For further information please contact Dr David Leigh-Lancaster, VCAA Mathematics Curriculum Manager, telephone (03) 9032 1690 or email leigh-lancaster.david.d@edumail.vic.gov.au