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VET Success Story


Photo of VET success story Ashley

Year 10

Outdoor and Environmental Studies Units 1 + 2

Year 11

Automotive (VCE VET) Units 1 + 2
English Unit 1
English Language Unit 2
Literature Units 1 + 2
Mathematical Methods Units 1 + 2
Outdoor and Environmental Studies Units 3 + 4

Year 12

Automotive (VCE VET) Units 3 + 4
Business Management Units 3 + 4
English Language Units 3 + 4
Literature Units 3 + 4
Mathematical Methods Units 3 + 4

Why did you choose a VET program?

In Year 10 representatives from an engine manufacturer gave a talk at my school. This inspired me to sign up for a week of work-experience where I learned about diesel engines and trucks. I enjoyed the experience so much I enrolled in VCE VET Automotive to gain more skills and experience.

How did you choose your VCE studies?

At the start of VCE I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go to university or pursue a trade. I decided to keep my options open and focus on subjects that I enjoyed. I also sought advice from teachers, course counsellors, and my family and friends. It was helpful to hear their different perspectives and experiences.

What was your study management strategy?

I planned my homework around deadlines for assignments and tasks. This helped me manage my time and study more efficiently. I also focused on being proactive and starting assignments when they were handed out instead of cramming them in the day before they were due.

What are your top study tips?

  • Everyone likes to study differently so take the time to find what works for you.
  • Effective planning will ensure that you don’t fall behind.
  • Learn from your mistakes and think about how you can keep improving instead of just going through the motions of finishing tasks.

What is your advice to future VET students?

Although it’s challenging to complete a VET program during VCE, if you are willing to do the work it is incredibly rewarding. Organise structured workplace learning outside the school program to experience a variety of workplaces and deepen your understanding of a trade and the jobs available in the industry.

How has VET prepared you for the future?

My VET program completely shaped where I am this year. It gave me insight and exposure to an industry I hadn’t previously considered and the skills and knowledge I gained during the program gave me the confidence to pursue a trade. I am now a full-time apprentice and hope to become a great technician.

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