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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 01. What is the VCAA?
  2. 02. What is VCAA International?
  3. 03. How long has the VCAA been delivering education programs internationally?
  4. 04. What is the current extent of the VCAA's international activities?
  5. 05. Does the VCAA have full authority from the Victorian State Government to deliver its programs overseas?
  6. 06. Is the VCAA fully committed to its international education program?
  7. 07. Does the VCAA use taxpayer funds to deliver international programs?
  1. 01. Why choose a VCAA international education?
  2. 02. Which VCAA education programs are available to international students?
  3. 03. What is the VCE?
  4. 04. Is the VCE accepted for entry by international universities?
  5. 05. Why choose the VCE instead of another English language university entrance qualification?
  6. 06. What happens after I complete my VCE?
  7. 07. How long does it take to complete the VCE?
  8. 08. How much does it cost to do the VCE?
  9. 09. Where can I find a VCAA international provider?
  1. 01. How does the VCAA international program work?
  2. 02. Why would my school want to do this?
  3. 03. We want to deliver a VCAA program overseas – how do we do it?
  4. 04. Are teachers at overseas schools required to meet particular criteria?
  5. 05. Are there minimum and maximum limits to how many students that schools can enrol in an overseas VCAA
  6. 06. Can the VCAA programs be taught in the local language of the school?
  7. 07. What if English is not the first language for local students?