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Become an Overseas VCAA Provider

Getting Started

Overseas schools seeking to deliver the VCE must first contact VCAA International. Our contact details can be found at the foot of this page.

The next step is to find a Victorian school with which to partner.

The overseas school may choose to do this by contacting eligible Victorian schools directly, or by employing an education agent to seek out potential partner schools.

Licensing and Permission

Under the VCAA's partner school model, it is the Victorian partner school that must apply to the VCAA for a licence. The overseas school must have an agreement with the Victorian partner school that sets out the terms of their partnership. The overseas school does not have a direct agreement with the VCAA.

The licence application will contain detailed information about the Victorian partner school, the overseas school and the plans for the program. The overseas school must cooperate with the Victorian partner school to ensure that all necessary information is provided for the licence application.

The overseas school must seek permission from authorities in its own country. Without appropriate authorisation in the country of delivery the VCAA will not approve an application.

When all information and documentation has been gathered and the licence application is complete, the Victorian partner school will submit the application to the VCAA. The VCAA will make a decision on whether to approve the application.

Any approval granted will be conditional upon an inspection of the overseas school by the VCAA. This is to ensure that the school facilities meet the standard required for the delivery of a VCAA education program.

School Partnerships

Deliver Foundation-10 Curriculum

Schools worldwide are able to deliver Victorian Curriculum F-10.

The Victorian Curriculum F-10 consists of set learning areas and standards, which provide the basis for a comprehensive education for students aged 5-16 years.

Victorian Curriculum F-10 resources are available online through the Foundation to 10 curriculum page of the VCAA website.

Deliver the Victorian Curriculum F-10 in Partnership with a Victorian School

The Victorian Curriculum F-10 may be used by overseas schools to develop their own teaching, learning and reporting programs.

The Victorian Curriculum F-10 may also be delivered in partnership between an overseas school and a Victorian school. This enables the overseas school to benefit from the Victorian partner school's existing curriculum structure, lesson planning and expertise.