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  • International VCE Graduates

International VCE Graduates​

Chen Sheng - VCE Graduate, Nanjing 

Photo of Chen Sheng 
"The VCE provided a great English language learning environment, which definitely enhanced my English skills. The teachers at my school were really dedicated to helping us and I received a lot of support and advice from them about my university options."

Zhu Yuan - VCE Graduate, Ningbo 

Photo of Zhu Yuan 
"I enjoyed the VCE, because we were encouraged to do teamwork, give our opinion about things we studied, and schedule and manage our own study time. The VCE gave us the opportunity to explore our potential. I was thrilled to gain a study score of 50/50 for VCE Chinese First Language and I was awarded the Premier’s Award as the top student in that study for my year.After completing the VCE I was accepted to study commerce"

Huang Yuqing - VCE Graduate, Chengdu

Photo of Yuqing Huang 
"The VCE encouraged me to use my initiative and develop my learning skills, which helped me adapt to further tertiary studies in Australia. The high quality of our VCE teachers also benefited me immensely."

Charlie Huang – VCE Graduate, Tianjin

Photo of Charlie Huang 
"I'm glad I did the VCE as it prepared me for my course at Monash University and gave me a chance to study in Australia. I really enjoy life here in Melbourne because the people are great and the country is fantastic."

Xiao Luran - VCE Graduate, Tianjin

Photo of Luran Xiao 
"The VCE is a very well structured course, which has opened a world of opportunity for me. Completing the VCE in China enabled me to go to university in Australia and has given me the confidence to adapt to life and tertiary study in Melbourne.""

Fei Teng - VCE Graduate, Nanjing

Photo of Fei Teng 
"Studying the VCE in China allowed me to gain an understanding of the Victorian education system and helped me in my studies at university. Victoria has a high quality of education, which has strengthened my learning skills."

Yu Fenying - VCE Graduate, Chengdu

Photo of Fenying Yu 
"I completed my VCE at Shude High School in Chengdu, Sichuan. I found that my experience studying the VCE helped me a lot with my further education here in Australia. I like Melbourne and I enjoy the lifestyle and environment as well as the friendly people here."