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Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework: Birth to 8 years (VEYLDF)

The revised Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework (VEYLDF) was launched by the Hon. Jenny Mikakos MLC, Minister for Families and Children, on Friday 27 May 2016.


The revised Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework (VEYLDF)

The revised Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework (VEYLDF) reflects new research and practice, policy decisions and aspirational outcomes for young children, including the priorities of the Education State. It is designed to guide practice for all professionals working in Victoria with children from birth to eight years. It provides a common language for a wide range of professionals and in doing so, promotes continuity of pedagogy and practice.

The revised VEYLDF has a specific focus on early experiences and learning from birth, and outlines the importance of the first three years of life in shaping learning and development, health and wellbeing. It retains its three distinct components: Practice Principles; Learning and Development Outcomes; and Supporting Children’s Transitions.

The revised VEYLDF includes the following changes:

  • The eight Practice Principles have been reordered to begin with reflective practice as a defined skill in critical evaluation for all early childhood professionals.
  • ‘Family-centred practice’ has been renamed ‘Partnerships with families’.
  • The introduction to each Learning and Development Outcome has been strengthened to include contemporary evidence that will inform professionals’ practice and advance outcomes for children and families.
  • The Learning and Development Outcomes have been linked to the first three levels of the Victorian Curriculum F–10.

Illustrative Maps These maps (referred to as Attachment 1 in the VEYLDF) are designed for both early childhood education and care professionals and teachers in the early years of school to inform curriculum planning and pedagogy with young children.

Appendices to the revised VEYLDF

There are five Appendices that support this document:

Appendix 1 – Overview of the roles of early childhood professionals that support families and children birth to eight years (published in the revised VEYLDF document)

Appendix 2 – Overview of early childhood services birth to eight years

Appendix 3 – Overview of resources that support best practice of early years’ professionals

Appendix 4 – Bibliography (published in the revised VEYLDF document)

Appendix 5 – Glossary (published in the revised VEYLDF document)

The VEYLDF poster

In 2015 the Department of Education and Training commissioned Dr Sue Lopez Atkinson (Yorta Yorta) and Aboriginal artist Annette Sax (Taungurung) to develop an artwork and related story to illustrate the links between the three key elements of the VEYLDF (the Outcomes, the Practice Principles and Transitions). Read and view this Cultural Knowledge Story about the VEYLDF online or on page 38 of the framework document.


In the consultation process, in 2015, practitioners specifically requested that the VEYLDF be made available in both hard and soft copy (in this way the VEYLDF can remain current in the online version).

Printed copies have been mailed out to all early years services in Victoria.

Please note: the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework is for early childhood professionals working in services and schools and as such is not intended for distribution to families.

Additional copies can be obtained through this online ordering system.

VEYLDF Resources and Communications

The Early Years Alert provides updates about activities and professional learning resources to support implementation of the revised VEYLDF.

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Further Information

Report on the 2015 consultations - August – September 2015 (pdf - 387.65kb)

Background Paper - VEYLDF Review and Update (docx - 159.25kb) provides an overview of the rationale and process for the update of the VEYLDF.