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VCE and VCAL Administrative Handbook 2014

About the Handbook

This publication is an all-inclusive guide for principals, teachers and administrators outlining the rules, regulations and policies governing the delivery of the VCE and VCAL.

For 2014 this publication was reviewed and restructured to improve navigation. Policy and other changes are no longer identified by red text. Hyperlinked text (underlined with dots) is now used to show these, and is linked to the VCE and VCAL Administrative Handbook 2014: Summary of Changes, which lists together in one single document all the significant changes for 2014.

In addition please see the Important Administrative Dates and the 2014 Assessment Schedule (formerly Appendix A: Assessment Details).

Information about the following is now available on the VCAA website:

Download the complete Handbook

The VCE and VCAL Administrative Handbook 2014 (pdf - 1.64mb) whole-book has the following interactive features:

  • embedded links to external websites
  • hyperlinked text indicates a change or clarification of policy
  • interactive table of contents and index.

Download by sections

1. Qualifications: VCE, VCAL and VET (pdf - 280.66kb)

VCE and VCAL: program components, entry requirements, eligibility for award of, atypical programs; VET: programs, satisfactory completion of VET programs, contribution to VCE and VCAL, documentation

2. Administrative information: schools and providers (pdf - 159.19kb)

Schools providing the VCE or VCAL, provider obligations to the VCAA, school/provider obligations to students, when schools fail to meet their obligations to students, partnerships, maintenance of school records

3. Administrative information: VCAA (pdf - 67.77kb)

About the VCAA, VCAA obligations to schools, VCAA obligations to students, VCAA Committees and Terms of Reference

4. Administrative information: students (pdf - 237.29kb)

Registration, VCE, VCAL and VET enrolment, International Baccalaureate Registration, Year 10 students without a program, atypical enrolment (VCE or VCAL), withdrawal from study, full-fee-paying overseas students, student observance of assessment and attendance rules, rules for School-Based Assessment, breaches and investigations, student appeals against school decisions about breaches of rules, student breach of examination rules

5. Assessment: Satisfactory completion of units (pdf - 46.84kb)

Satisfactory completion of VCE, VCAL and VET units

6. Assessment: School-based Assessment (pdf - 101.65kb)

Authentication, scheduling assessment tasks, determining initial School-based Assessments, VCE School-assessed Coursework, School-assessed Tasks and Externally-assessed Tasks, VCE VET School-assessed Coursework, managing score amendments, VCE School-based Assessment audit

7. Assessment: VCE Examinations (pdf - 68.25kb)

Eligibility to undertake VCE examinations, examination timetables, VCE examination administration, performance examinations and marking examinations

8. Assessment: VCE & VET Assessment Summary (pdf - 114.71kb)

VCE studies and assessment in 2014, and VCE VET programs with scored assessment in 2014

9. Assessment: GAT (pdf - 58.72kb)

Information about the General Achievement Test

10. Reporting results: Score aggregation (pdf - 62.65kb)

Study scores, statistical moderation and final grades

11. Results: Reporting to schools (pdf - 34.63kb)

School access to final results of students, confirmation of grades, VCE data service and VCE examination results service

12. Results: Reporting to students (pdf - 77.22kb)

Reporting VCE, VCAL, VCE VET and VET/FE, delivery of results, Post-results and ATAR service (PRAS), VCE results and ATAR service, Statement of Marks and Statement of Study Score, inspection of scripts and audio recordings, final results, replacement certificates and statements of results

13. Special Provision (pdf - 160.49kb)

Types and purpose of Special Provision, School-based Assessment, special examination arrangements, derived examination scores (DES)