​​VCE Assessors – Applications

Why become a VCE assessor?

  • It’s a great professional development opportunity and it’s a paid activity
  • It’s recognised by the Victorian Institute of Teaching as approved professional development
  • It’s a great way to interact with colleagues and contribute to the VCE external assessment process

What do you need to be a VCE assessor?

  • Teaching experience at VCE Units 3 and 4 in the study

What information do you need to include in an application to be a VCE assessor?

  • Experience teaching at VCE Units 3 and 4 level
  • Previous experience in any assessment related role with the VCAA such as assessing VCE external assessments; being State Reviewer for a VCE study, a review panel member for a VCE study or similar roles in other jurisdictions
  • Which VCE studies and units you have taught and for how long
  • Where you have taught previously and where you are teaching now
  • Relevant professional development in Units 3 and 4

What will you be asked to do?

  • Attend a compulsory full day training meeting. This may be held on a weekend
  • Be available to mark according to the schedule defined by the VCAA
  • Adhere to assessment procedures and policies as determined by the VCAA
  • Maintain confidentiality and security requirements

How do you apply?

  • All applications must be lodged through the VCAA Sessional Staff Management System (SSMS)
  • Ensure you complete all fields with as much information as possible
  • Carefully read all information on SSMS front page before applying

How can you get more information about assessing VCE external assessments?

More detailed information is available on the SSMS website: Becoming a VCE assessor.

General Enquiries:

VCAA Assessment Operations Unit
(03) 9225 2200