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Why be a VCE examination assessor

VCE Examination assessors perform a vital role within the VCAA assessment process ensuring all students receive fair and consistent assessment of examinations. Being part of the assessment process can be a very rewarding and satisfying experience that can inform and enhance teaching and learning practice.

Examination assessment is an excellent professional development activity that is officially recognised by the Victorian Institute of Teaching.

What qualifications and experience do I need to be a VCE examination assessor?

In general, VCE examination assessors should have

  • relevant tertiary or education qualifications
  • current and/or recent teaching experience in the VCE study they will assess.

The VCAA also seeks to ensure a balance and distribution of

  • school sector (Government, Catholic, Independent)
  • location (city, suburb, region and rural)
  • new and experienced assessors

In every year, the VCAA receives many more applications than there are assessor positions. An unsuccessful application in one year should not discourage applicants from applying in subsequent years.

What positions are available?

Assessor positions

Assessors are responsible for the marking of a number of individual student examination responses. They must complete training in the computer systems used to conduct the marking process and a full day of training in the application of marking strategies and decision-making processes. Assessors may be involved in additional quality assurance marking activities.

Chief Assessor positions

The Chief Assessor (CA) is responsible for planning and conducting the assessor training meeting, monitoring the application of marking principles during marking and making final marking decisions. Under the guidance of a VCAA Project Manager, the Chief Assessor is responsible for the final decisions regarding marking strategies and procedures.

Assistant Chief Assessor positions

Some studies have assistant chief assessor (ACA) positions. The role of the ACA is to assist the CA to prepare for the assessor training meetings and to assist in the facilitating of training activities. The ACA may assist the CA to monitor the application of marking principles and provide advice and assistance regarding marking decisions.

Executive positions

English and GAT assessor teams also include Executive positions. Executive team members lead a small team of assessors under the guidance and direction of the CA. They assist the CA and ACA to train assessors in the application of marking principles and to monitor marking and assessment progress. They are required to support groups of assessors during the assessment process by providing advice and assistance where required.

How do I apply to be an examination assessor?

Information about opening and closing dates for lead assessor and assessor positions, can be accessed via Notices to Schools.

Suitably qualified individuals, including registered teachers, who would like to participate in the VCE external assessment program are invited to apply online via the Sessional Staff Management System (SSMS).

Ensure that your application includes information that is accurate and up-to-date, particularly details around your current and recent teaching experience and school / institution (if applicable).

Where can I get more information?

Enquiries about the requirements of these roles, including eligibility, should be directed to VCAA Assessment Operations on (03) 9059 4141 or email


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