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VCAA organisational structure

Assessment and Reporting Division


Student Records and Results


Call one of the following numbers for help with your specific query:

(03) 9032 1742

  • Replacement VCE/VCAL Statements and Certificates
  • Equivalent Qualifications
  • VCE/VCAL Credit

(03) 9032 1740

  • Second language enrolment
  • Interrupted Study
  • Compassionate Late Withdrawal

(03) 9032 1743

  • Statistical Moderation and Study Scores
  • Statement of Marks / Study Score
  • Full fee-paying Overseas student registration

 (03) 9032 1756

  • VCE student administration
  • VET/VCAL student administration

VASS Operations
VASS Support Hotline: 1800 623 681
(03) 9032 1758
Fax: (03) 9032 1591

Victorian Student Number
Victorian Student Number Hotline: 1800 822 635
(03) 9032 1619
Fax: (03) 9032 1798

This Student Records and Results team manages the administration of enrolments and delivery of results for students undertaking the VCE and VCAL including extension studies, VCE VET programs and students sitting the GAT. This team also manages Victorian Student Number (VSN) enquiries.


Assessment Administration

(03) 9225 2302
Fax: (03) 9225 2310

This team coordinates the appointment of all sessional staff for VCAA assessment activities, the payment of allowances and expenses for sessional staff and schools (CRT), and the management of the sessional staff database (SSMS).


Assessment Operations

(03) 9225 2200
Fax: (03) 9225 2229

This team manages all processes associated with VCE external assessment and the General Achievement Test (GAT) including:

  • The requirements for the administration and conduct of VCE written examinations, including the Extended Investigation Critical Thinking Test and the GAT
  • VCE examination rules and supervision
  • VCE written examination centres including applications to sit examinations interstate or overseas
  • Performance and VCE Languages oral examinations and the Extended Investigation oral presentation
  • Marking VCE external assessments
  • Inspection of VCE external assessment response materials
  • Confirmation of Grades for VCE external assessments

Special Provision in the VCE
Special Provision Hotline:
1800 205 455
(03) 9225 2219
Fax: (03) 9225 2234

This team also oversees the VCAA Special Provision program which covers both School-based Assessment and VCE external assessments.

  • Applications for:
    • Special Examination Arrangements
    • Derived Examination Scores (DES)
    • GAT exemptions


Assessment Programs

NAPLAN Help Hotline: 1800 648 637
Fax: (03) 9225 2334

  • Delivery and return of NAPLAN test materials
  • Procedures regarding the security and storage of NAPLAN test materials
  • Issues arising from NAPLAN test implementation
  • Assessment and marking of NAPLAN tests
  • Training of markers and other sessional staff
  • Delivery of individual NAPLAN student reports
  • School reports through the NAPLAN online Data Service
  • Professional Development about NAPLAN results data
  • Development of the Online Assessment tools delivered through the On Demand Testing Program

On Demand Testing
On Demand Testing Hotline: 1800 827 721

  • Technical support regarding the On Demand Testing Program

This Assessment Programs team manages the implementation and administration of the National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) in Victoria. The team is responsible for ensuring that all proposed NAPLAN test items are fair and reasonable for Victorian students and consistent with the AusVELS. In addition, this team also manages the development of a range of assessments based on AusVELS that are delivered through the On Demand Testing Program.


Data Analysis, Measurement and Reporting

(03) 9032 1781
Fax: (03) 9032 1799

This team provides specialist advice on educational measurement and data analysis in relation to the VCAA’s assessment and reporting programs.