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Resources and links

The resources and links below are grouped to reflect their intended users: Language teams and teachers; students; and Community members. Note that some sites are recommended in more than one section.

Please familiarise yourself with the Teaching Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Culture (Koorie Cross-Curricular Protocols for Victorian Government Schools) before using any material owned by Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people.

  • For Language Teams / Teachers
    This section is divided into four parts.
    • Publications on Victorian Languages contain academic research on one or more languages. These generally contain some words and some grammar for those languages.
    • Language Revival/Reclamation  contains links to assist in the development of Language teaching resources
    • Cultural Awareness/Reconciliation has sites relating to other aspects of the Language program, such as policies relating to Aboriginal Australians and practical resources for teaching diversity
    • Teaching Tools has links to general resources provided to teachers to assist in the development of curriculum.
  • For Students
    This section is divided into two parts.
    • Language Revival/Reclamation contains links to sites students will find useful in their Language work.
    • Cultural Awareness/Reconciliation resources provide students with material to assist their understanding of issues that may be discussed during the course.
  • For Community
    All of the resources under this tab provide information to assist Community members to gain an understanding of the school Language program and to provide them with examples of what has been achieved in similar programs.