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Appropriate consultations with relevant Aboriginal communities are always central to the development of curricula and the provision of learning programs in schools. Victorian government schools are required to act in accordance with the Teaching Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Culture (Koorie Cross-Curricular Protocols for Victorian Government Schools). The Victorian Aboriginal Education Association Inc (VAEAI) has produced a guide, Protocols for Koorie Education in Victorian Primary and Secondary Schools, to assist schools to provide a welcoming environment for Aboriginal community members and how to work respectfully with the Koorie community to enrich schools' teaching and learning programs.

For assistance in identifying the appropriate people to consult, please contact VAEAI. Government schools can also seek assistance from the Department of Education and Training's Koorie Education Workforce, and Catholic schools can contact the Education Officer for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in their relevant diocese. The Victorian Aboriginal Corporation for Languages (VACL) can also provide assistance.


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Please note that cultural and intellectual copyright remains with the local Aboriginal communities when any material contributed by a member of the community is used in developing resources to support the delivery of the school Language program. Material contributed by Aboriginal community members for the purposes of the school Language program must not be used by schools, teachers or consultants involved in the school Language program for any other purpose, without express permission of the community.