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VCE Season of Excellence

Applications opening soon for the 2018 VCE Season of Excellence

Applications for the 2018 Season of Excellence (the Season) will open on Friday 1 September for Top Designs, Top Arts, Top Screen and Top Class Sound.

The Season is a five-month arts festival that celebrates outstanding VCE student work and achievement and gives students valuable insight into the process undertaken to craft folios and performances that form part of VCE and VCE VET Unit 3 and 4 visual and performing arts, technology and design studies. The festival features 12 concerts (Top Class and Top Acts), two exhibitions (Top Designs and Top Arts) and screenings of short films (Top Screen).

Students that receive a very high mark for their performance exam will be contacted to audition (or selected to play) for Top Class Drama, Top Class Theatre Studies, Top Class Music and Top Class Dance. Auditions will take place in mid–late January 2018.

Applications for all relevant subjects in Top Designs, Top Arts, Top Screen and Top Class Sound will close on Thursday 19 October, except for Theatre Studies Design and VCE VET Creative and Digital Media, which will close on Thursday 9 November. For more information, please visit the VCE Season of Excellence webpage or sign up to receive Season of Excellence updates.

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New study to be included in 2018 Top Designs

a model of a woman made with a straw hat brown coat and white dress surrounded by old paint cans walking sticks shopping jeep on a blue plastic taupalin 
Young man with brown hair putting pin into clothing for a model of woman for stagecraft exhibition

Jake Kirby of Sandringham College displays his Theatre Studies Design at Top Acts 2016. Pic: Mark Farrelly

From 2018, VCE Theatre Studies Design will be included in the Top Designs exhibition at the Melbourne Museum.

Students interested in applying are required to submit photographs and/or recordings of their final works, a print version of their oral framing statement, as well as copies or photographs of their research and development materials from Outcome 1, and the completed task for school assessed coursework for Outcome 2.

Students who are accepted into Top Designs will not be eligible to be considered for Top Class, as their work will be required at the VCAA and the Melbourne Museum for exhibition preparation and display.

Students who are shortlisted, or choose not to apply and achieve a very high mark for their performance exam, will be contacted in December 2017 to audition for Top Class Theatre Studies in January 2018.

For further information please visit the VCE Season of Excellence webpage, or contact the VCAA Season of Excellence team: vcaa.seasonofexcellence.s@edumail.vic.gov.au.

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VCE Theatre Studies – free educational resource

The VCAA invites students and teachers to view the new short documentary series Top Acts: Focus On … Theatre Studies, exploring the theatre journeys of three 2017 VCE Theatre Studies students featured in Top Acts 2017 at the Melbourne Recital Centre. To view the films, visit the Top Acts page.

For more information, please refer to Notice to Schools 82/2017.

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