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Changes to VCE and VCAL Student Personal Details form

In 2017 there are four changes to both blank and pre-populated Student Personal Details forms on VASS.

Gender field

The field 'Sex' has been replaced by 'Gender' and can now be populated with M (Male), F (Female) or X (Gender X). The inclusion of Gender X supports the changes made to the Australian Government Guidelines on Recognition of Sex and Gender in November 2015. In addition, there has been an increase in the number of schools and individual students seeking advice from the VCAA where the student does not identify as M or F or wish to have recorded on VASS a gender that is different from the one stated on their birth certificate. Students who do not identify as male or female can now choose X, which indicates an undefined gender. This is entirely a student choice and recognises that individuals may identify and be recognised within the community as a gender other than the sex they were assigned at birth or during infancy, or as a gender that is not exclusively male or female. The introduction of Gender X is a staged process, with the first step being the collection, followed by the reporting (both as X and Gender X) in relation to an individual, and finally, reporting at group level.

Email address for results delivery

Following the successful 2016 pilot of digital delivery of student results, the VCAA will now collect an email address for students to be primarily used for results delivery and associated processes. It is therefore important that the email address is active and accessible by the student when results are released in December and until the following April for Premier's Awards communication. The VCAA preference is for a personal email address for each student, but we do understand that some schools may prefer the school-based email address. In these circumstances schools need to ensure that where the school email address is used it is active up to the end of April in the year following graduation. The field is not compulsory and students can make their own decision whether to provide an email address or not.

Section A renamed

Section A on the blank form has now been renamed Adults Returning to Study to help students understand the purpose of this section of the form. In addition, next to the first box 'Adult returning to study' the definition of an adult student has been included.

Consent disclosure in Section E

There has been a change to Section E: Consent to disclosure to other organisations, question 2. Under 'Selection and announcement of awards', 'Gender' has replaced 'Sex', the email address has been included, and reference to the Australian Student Prize and the associated Commonwealth Department of Education (and its successors) removed as this award no longer exists. Schools are reminded that consents are to be signed in the year of enrolment and students should therefore not be signing consents before 1 January 2017.

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Higher Education Studies enrolment by universities in VASS

From March 2017, universities offering Higher Education Studies in the VCE will be enrolling students using a restricted version of VASS.

To enable correct student enrolment, universities will need to refer to the student's VCE studies (Units 3 and 4) to confirm whether the student meets the pre- and co-requisite requirements for their selected Higher Education Study.

Therefore, schools that have students who are eligible and have obtained their principal's approval to enrol in a Higher Education Study are asked to finalise these enrolments prior to Friday 31 March 2017.

General information about Higher Education Studies can be found on the curriculum webpages.

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