Register now for Term 1 and 2 Victorian Curriculum online professional learning sessions

The next series of online professional development sessions to support teachers implementing the Victorian Curriculum F–10 are now open for registration. These new sessions, which started on Tuesday 28 February, will build on the sessions offered during 2016 while still being accessible for all teachers, regardless of their prior engagement with the Victorian Curriculum.

This series of sessions will also feature new presenters from a variety of stakeholders, including speakers from Environment Victoria, and several specialised sessions with the On Demand software team.

Also included in the series is a one-off Monday afternoon session with Professor Bill Lucas, an international expert on creativity and education. Professor Lucas's presentation will draw on his ongoing work with the VCAA and schools in the area of Critical and Creative Thinking.

To view the full schedule of sessions and register to attend, please go to the Curriculum F–10 professional learning webpage.

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Indicative Progress templates

The Victorian Curriculum F–10 Unit has released new Indicative Progress templates. An important aspect of curriculum planning is being able to articulate what student progress looks like, using the achievement standards in the curriculum continuum. The VCAA has developed the notion of 'indicative progress' as a way to support teachers to tie together what is being taught, and how progress toward an achievement standard is described and demonstrated.

Developing Indicative Progress descriptions during the planning phase will assist teachers to explain the learning expectations to the students, and assess and report student achievement. Indicative Progress examples are being developed by the VCAA to illustrate for teachers and curriculum leaders possible progress scenarios linked to specific contexts, and these will be released during Term 1 or 2. The Indicative Progress templates are available on the specific curriculum area advice pages.

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Education State Targets: Measuring excellence in Critical and Creative Thinking (CCT) and the Arts

In 2016, the VCAA piloted assessments in CCT and the Arts with a sample of schools across the State to support the Education State Targets. These sample assessments will be conducted again in 2017 by the VCAA.

The timing of the 2017 assessment periods are as follows:

  • CCT: Weeks 6–8, Term 2 (Monday 22 May to Friday 9 June 2017)
  • The Arts: throughout Term 3 (Monday 17 July to Friday 22 September 2017)

Your school may be selected to participate in either the 2017 CCT or Arts sample assessments. If your school is selected, you will be notified by email at the end of Term 1 with additional details about the assessment program.

To assist with planning for this program, schools will be requested to complete a short survey focused on Arts disciplines that are currently offered at Year 6 and Year 10. Further information is available in Notice to Schools 24/2017.

This is another exciting opportunity to be involved in the collection of statewide data in CCT and the Arts in Victoria. The participation of students from your school will play a significant role in the development of this important target.

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NAPLAN Test Administration Website

The NAPLAN Helpdesk team wishes to thank schools for their cooperation in completing the tasks relating to the enrolment phase of the administration process. The NAPLAN Test Administration website is now closed and will reopen on Monday 18 April 2017 with student enrolment information for the test phase. During this phase, schools will be asked to complete tasks related to student participation in the tests. Instructions for using the website to complete the tasks during the test phase will be made available in Term 2.

Schools with queries related to any aspect of NAPLAN 2017 should contact the NAPLAN Helpdesk: 1800 648 637 or

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NAPLAN Equating Study

Each year the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) undertakes an Equating Study to enable the results from the NAPLAN tests to be reported on the same scales from year to year. The NAPLAN Equating Study is a very important aspect of the NAPLAN testing program as it ensures consistency and fairness in the reporting of student results.

Participation in the Equating Study is a mandatory part of the NAPLAN program for schools that are selected to participate. The VCAA will contact schools shortly to notify them of their selection.

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Thank you to all schools that have confirmed their participation in the NAPLAN Online 2017 Pilot. The VCAA will provide 'refresher' training for NAPLAN coordinators from Tuesday 14 March to Tuesday 21 March 2017. This training, with the user guide, will cover all that is required to successfully use the platform to administer the NAPLAN tests online.

Please note that the training will be three hours in duration (9am–12pm or 1pm–4pm) and the VCAA will provide a half-day CRT payment for up to two staff from each school. Principals should ensure that appropriate personnel register online for this training by Friday 3 March 2017.

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On Demand Testing

Item Development Workshops Expression of Interest: Mathematics

The VCAA is seeking expressions of interest from current Mathematics F–10 teachers to participate in item development workshops.

These workshops will develop new content for the On Demand Testing program with reference to the new Victorian Curriculum F–10. Ideally, participants in the workshops will be familiar with the types of items presented in the VCAA On Demand Testing program and will be using the program with their students. Experience with the Mathematica software would be desirable, but is not a requirement for Mathematics participants.

The item development workshops will run from Tuesday 4 April until Friday 7 April 2017 at the VCAA Assessment Centre in Coburg. (Note: This is the first week of the school holiday period.) Full details are available on the SSMS website.

Victorian Curriculum: Supporting Teacher Practice

This session will focus on the composition of On Demand Adaptive tests and coverage of the Victorian Curriculum, as well as how to use the tests and interpret students' results.

The VCAA has updated the On Demand Testing program to report against the Victorian Curriculum F–10. The latest version of the program (Build 98) was released to schools in February 2017. As part of this release there have been some changes to the composition of On Demand Tests and the reporting of students' test scores.

A professional development webinar is being scheduled for late March to provide teachers with information about the latest On Demand Tests and how to use On Demand reports. To register for the webinar, please visit the On Demand Professional Development webpages.

On Demand Contacts

To register your school for access to On Demand Testing and other queries, contact the On Demand Helpdesk: 1800 827 721 or Further information about On Demand Testing can be found on the On Demand webpages.

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