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VCE on a Northern Hemisphere timetable: Applications for authorisation to deliver

As previously advised, an alternative VCE timetable, operating from July to June, is available for a limited number of VCE studies. The Northern Hemisphere timetable (NHT) may provide options for schools in Victoria to create more flexible programs for VCE delivery.

The NHT need not replace the traditional calendar-year timetable. Schools may offer VCE studies on both timetables. Offering studies on both timetables may provide greater opportunities for students; for example, students may complete some studies on one timetable and some on the other.

All studies offered on the NHT are subject to the curriculum and assessment requirements that applied in the previous VCE calendar year.

The external assessment results of the NHT cohort will be subject to equating to ensure comparability with the results of the larger Victorian cohort assessed in the previous calendar year.

Schools wanting to offer the NHT to students in Victoria will be subject to an authorisation process. Access to VASS enrolments will only be available to authorised schools. Briefings and/or additional information will be provided for VCE and VASS coordinators prior to enrolment.

Application forms will be available from Tuesday 18 April 2017 for VCE providers intending to offer:

  • classes in approved VCE Unit 1 and 2 studies on the NHT in 2017–18
  • classes in approved VCE Unit 3–4 studies on the NHT in 2017–18 or 2018–19.

The deadline for authorisation of applications is Tuesday 23 May 2017. Briefings for VCE and VASS coordinators will be held from Wednesday 26 April to Friday 28 April 2017. Details of the VCE studies available on the NHT are published on the VCAA website. Details of how to apply, and other requirements, are available from Barbara Elvin, Student Records and Results Unit: (03) 9032 1753 or

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Student email address for 2017 results delivery

The VCAA conducted a successful pilot in 2016 of digital delivery of student results using student email addresses. From 2017, the VCAA will collect an email address for students to be primarily used for results delivery and associated processes. VCE and VCAL Student Personal Details forms must be submitted by Friday 31 March 2017. Please refer to Notice to Schools 13/2017 for details.

VCE Results and ATAR release date for 2017

VCE Results and Australian Tertiary Admission Ranks (ATARs) will now be released to students at 7.00am on Friday 15 December 2017. Please refer to Notice to Schools 9/2017 for full details.

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