Victorian Certificate of Education - Assessment

Special Provision Review – 2017 focus

In 2017 the VCAA will focus on reviewing the Special Provision categories of Specific Learning Disorder and Significant Health Impairment, with specific consideration given to mental health conditions. Please refer to Notice to Schools 10/2017.

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2017 VCE English, English as an Additional Language (EAL) and Literature Unit 3 and 4 Text Survey

The VCAA surveys schools on an annual basis to obtain an indication of the number of students studying the VCE English, EAL and Literature prescribed texts for Unit 3 and 4. Please refer to Notice to Schools 17/2017 for details.

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Examination materials: New and revised studies

The new language studies of Vietnamese First Language and Karen will each be examined for the first time in 2017. The Vietnamese First Language examination will conform to the specifications stated in the VCE Vietnamese First Language Study Design 2017–2021 (Units 3 and 4), pages 25 and 26. The Karen examination will conform to the published CCAFL examination specifications. Sample examination materials for these new studies will be available on their respective examination pages during Term 1, 2017.

Examination specifications for written examinations for the following revised VCE studies and VCE VET programs that commenced in 2017 are available on the relevant examination pages of the VCAA website: Algorithmics (HESS), Art, Biology, Business Management, Chemistry, Economics, English, English as an Additional Language (EAL), Environmental Science, Food Studies, Literature, Music Performance, Music Style and Composition, Physics, Psychology, Religion and Society, Studio Arts, Texts and Traditions, VCE VET Community Services, VCE VET Hospitality (Kitchen Operations), VCE VET Integrated Technologies, VCE VET Music Industry (Sound Production) and VCE VET Sport and Recreation.

Sample examination materials have been published for Biology, Chemistry, Economics, English (including assessment criteria and expected qualities), English as an Additional Language (including assessment criteria and expected qualities), Physics (note: Version 2) and VCE VET Community Services. Sample materials for other studies will be published during Term 1 as they become available for release.

Examination specifications and sample examination materials for the following VCE VET programs have been updated to reflect the new, but equivalent, units of competency: VCE VET Creative Digital Media (formerly VCE VET Interactive Digital Media), VCE VET Hospitality and VCE VET Laboratory Skills.

For VCE Music studies, the specifications and advice for the performance component and/or Externally Assessed Task (EAT) will be available during Term 1. Specifications for the VCE VET Music Industry (Performance) examination are available online.

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Training for the conduct and administration of 2017 VCE external assessments

It is a VCAA requirement that all newly appointed chief supervisors attend training prior to starting their role. Training sessions will be held between Monday 1 May and Thursday 4 May 2017 at the VCAA Assessment Centre, Coburg. The closing date for registration is Friday 31 March. Please refer to Notice to Schools 16/2017 for full details.

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2017 GAT centres, appointment of supervisors and principal's agreement

VCE providers with students enrolled in one or more VCE or scored VCE VET Unit 3−4 sequence must meet the VCAA requirements for the conduct and administration of VCE external assessments as outlined in the 2017 Agreement to conduct and administer VCE External Assessments form. The form must be returned to the VCAA by Thursday 9 March. Please refer to Notice to Schools 19/2017 for details.

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2017 VCE assessor applications

The VCAA encourages teachers with experience teaching VCE Units 3 and 4 to consider applying to become a VCE assessor in 2017. Assessing VCE external assessments provides valuable professional development, interaction with colleagues and an opportunity to contribute to the VCE external assessment process.

Appointment as a VCE assessor is recognised by the Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT) as approved professional development.

More information about becoming a VCE assessor is available on the VCAA website and SSMS. Details about training dates for 2017 will be published in the April edition of the VCAA Bulletin.

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