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Margaret Schofield Memorial Scholarships for Performance announced

L to R: Kye Yim Loh, Fiona Cochrane (trustee of the Margaret Schofield Memorial Scholarships), Timothy Huddleston.

L to R: Kye Yim Loh, Fiona Cochrane (trustee of the Margaret Schofield Memorial Scholarships), Timothy Huddleston.

Timothy Huddleston and Kye Yim Loh are the 2017 winners of the Margaret Schofield Memorial Scholarship for Performance. Timothy and Kye Yim were awarded their scholarships at Top Class Music on Wednesday 22 March at the Melbourne Recital Centre.

Timothy performed Fnugg at the concert, a unique tuba solo, composed by Norwegian tuba soloist Øystein Baadsvik, that takes audiences beyond classical tuba music with extraordinary sounds akin to the didgeridoo. 'I wanted to dissolve the stereotype of the tuba as a 'simple' instrument that belongs in the background of an orchestra,' he said. He was passionate about playing Fnugg, adding that the piece 'presents the tuba in a style for which it is not frequently recognised. Baadsvik's composition creates a unique landscape of sound.'

Kye Yim performed In the Style of Albéniz, by Shchedrin, a vibrant violin solo piece that features elements of Spanish dance and chromaticism. Kye Yim chose the piece because 'it has a very contrasting range of moods which shift rapidly. It makes it an interesting piece to perform, both challenging and rewarding.'

Both Kye Yim and Timothy were thrilled to receive the Margaret Schofield Memorial Scholarship for Performance. 'I feel very honoured,' Kye Yim said. 'It felt good that my hard work throughout the year has been recognised in this way.' Kye Yim is looking forward to putting the financial assistance towards instrument maintenance and his studies, including extra lessons and master class opportunities that will develop his talent even further.

'I was overjoyed,' Timothy said of winning the award. 'Receiving the scholarship has invigorated my passion for musical performance.' Timothy has already invested in a superior quality tuba to use throughout his tertiary studies. 'Without the scholarship, purchasing such an instrument would not have been possible,' he said. Timothy hopes his new instrument and ongoing studies will allow him to increase the music community's awareness of the potential for the tuba to produce distinctive sounds in order for more composers to write for the tuba. He is looking forward to being a part of the development of future tuba music.

The 2017 Season of Excellence has seen brilliant performances from VCE and VCE VET students take place across Melbourne throughout the year. The Season is an opportunity for young artists to demonstrate their talent to a public audience and hone their skills. A veteran of Top Class Music and Top Acts last year, Timothy said he was ecstatic to be invited to perform in both concerts again for 2017. Kye Yim is excited to have been part of the Season this year, saying: 'The event has given me an amazing performance opportunity, not only to show myself as a performer but also to work alongside a group of many other talented and hardworking musicians.'

Jack Stacey

Jack Stacey

The scholarship, established by the family of the late Margaret Schofield in recognition of her outstanding achievements as a musician and her lifelong commitment to music education, is available to government school students who achieve sufficiently high study scores in VCE Music Style and Composition, VCE Music Investigation, VCE Music Performance and/or VCE VET Music. This program is coordinated by the VCAA and provides recipients with $5000 to assist in their pursuit of tertiary studies in music. The winner of the Composition scholarship, Jack Stacey, was announced at the Top Class Sound concert in February.

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VCAA stand a success at the 2017 VCE and Careers Expo

The VCAA hosted a stand at the VCE and Careers Expo at Caulfield Racecourse from Thursday 4 May to Sunday 7 May. VCAA staff were on hand to discuss the VCE, VET and VCAL and share their experience and expertise with students, parents and teachers.

Over four days, 30,000 people visited the Expo and the VCAA stand was a clear favourite with many of them. A range of resources were available, including informative material about extracurricular activities within the VCE, such as the Season of Excellence and copies of the 2016 VCE Examinations.

Past VCE and VCE VET examinations are a great tool for students when they prepare for their Unit 3 and 4 external assessments. By completing past examinations, students can familiarise themselves with examination format, practise applying their knowledge and skills, gain useful insight into areas of focus for revision and practise managing their time.

All past examinations are accompanied by an Examination Report that provides students with feedback on student performance in the examination. Examination reports for written examinations also contain examples indicating what answers may have included.

Students who didn't have the chance to visit the Expo can download Past Examinations and Examination Reports.

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